Hub Expo

Spring 2021 STEM Expo

April 26th-30th, 2021

Thank you for visiting the STEM EXPO! 

Full program of abstracts

Student Projects (Posters & Videos)

Andreev, Antoan
Toroflux (Video)

Barbone, Grant
Virtual Simulation of Electric Fields

Barrientos, Joes
Nature Journaling with ELK (PDF Poster)
Nature Journaling Workbook (PDF)
Nature Journaling Lesson Plan (PDF)

Bauman, Autumn
Coulob's Pendulum (Video)

Bezerra, Lara
Koch's Snowflake (PDF) (Accessible Description)

Burst, Cameron
Environmental and Social Effects of Mao Zedong's Four Pests Campaign (Video)

Carman, Jacob
Homemade Telegraph (Video)

Carrillo, Karen
Seveso Italy's Kioxin Cloud

Chader, Colin
Homemade Telegraph - Do You Read Me?

Christenson, Caleb
Colorado River: The Lifeline of the U.S (PDF) (Accessible Description)

Church, Sebastian
Adoption of Soil Health Management Practices and Farmer Variables (presenting live Friday at 9am)

Coates, Thomas
Evaluating Limits

Davis, Brad
Our Mountains are Water Towers (PDF) (Accessible Description)
Amazon Rainforest (Video)

Florance, Dawn
Cloud Chamber (Video)

Friess, Audrey
Wireless Power Transmission (Video)

Gallagher, Sydney
The Seveso Dioxin Cloud (Video)

Gimadeyeva, Lexi
The Simple Electromanetic Train (Video)
Out Changing Park: Climate Change in Rocky Mountain National Park (PDF-Not Accessible)

Gloor, Christina
The Mathematics of Herd Immunity

Gonzalez, Grant
Teaching Climate Change: An Objective with Complexities (presenting live Friday at 9am)

Guest, Preston
Nuclear Testing at Bikini Atoll

Hoang, Kelvin
Secondary Tesearch on Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs) (Video)

Howell, Stephanie
Wimshurst Machine and the Power of Flight

Irby-Gill, Mark
The Panguna Mine: Papua New Guinea 1972-1989 (Video)

Linz, Andrew
How Do We Determine Air Quality? (PDF-Not Accessible)
The Andreev Bay Nuclear Incident (Video)

Malkowaski, Mackenzie
Homemade Seismographer

McDill, Ben
Increasing Wildfires in Colorado (presenting live Friday at 9am)
Nuclear Testing at Bikini Atoll (Video)
Calculating Work and Experimenting with a Water Pump - Working Out An Integral (Video)

Okrey, Rachel
Why the Colorado River is Drying Up (presenting live Friday at 9am)

O'Neil, Sean
Power System Quick Start Guide (PDF) (Accessible Description)

Charles Pool
Sudden Aspen Decline: S.A.D (PDF) (Accessible Description)

Quezada, Cid
eBoard (Video)

Rolston, Nikole
Ecocide in Vietnam (Video)

Ruterbories, Greg
Educational Native Pollinator Garden K-8 (PDF) (Accessible Description)

Saldana, Nate
Homemade Wimhurst Machine

Schumacher, Ruby
Desertification on the Colorado Plateau (PDF-Not Accessible)

Seals, Kyle
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Video)

Stratford, Connor
Great London Smog

Sullivan, Aidan
Impacts of 1978 Amoco Cadiz Oil Spill

Thigpen, Avery
Wave Machine

Uge, Ikem
Rail Gun (Video)

Venditti, Rick
Nuclear Testing


Lightning Talk Sessions:

(Lightning Talks will be via Zoom)

Friday, April 30th, 2021

Friday April 30th 9:00 - 10:00 am HNR 102
Friday April 30th 10:00-11:00 am
Friday April 30th 11:00-1:00 pm Honors capstone presentations
Friday April 30th 1:00 - 2:00 pm