Sample Courses

Do you want to get real world experience in your classes?

Service Learning is a teaching AND learning method that integrates meaningful community engagement with instruction & refection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Check out some sample courses below!

Examples of Service Learning Courses:

ACC 133 Tax Help Colorado Practicum
​Students learn how to prepare personal tax returns then apply their learning by preparing tax for families with low-incomes. Each year, students help hundreds of families in our community secure over $500,000 in tax returns.

ART 255 Mural Painting I
​Students work with a local community partner to develop and complete a public mural.

BUS 216 Legal Environment of Business
​Students work with Jefferson County on various projects related to legal issues affecting policy.

BUS 277 Building Public and Financial Support for Nonprofit Organizations
​Students work with a local nonprofit organization to help them develop or improve fundraising tools

BUS 278 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
Students work with a local nonprofit organization to develop a financial dashboard they can use in decision making for their organization.

EDU 221-040 Introduction to Education
Students work with a community partner to enhance their educational curriculum.

EGG 100-001, 002 Introduction to Engineering
​Students apply the principles of engineering to solve an issue identified by a community partner. Examples include applying interactive game design for a community event.

ENG 131-001, 002 Technical Writing I
Students work with a community partner to complete a technical writing project. Examples include brochures, websites, podcasts, reports, and presentations.

PRA 203 Natural Resource Management
Students researched the impact of camping among the homeless population on federal lands.

SOC 207 Environmental Sociology
Students developed public service announcements related to climate change and its impact on our communities.