Photo of Service Learning Center students in front of wall that says "Until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream".

Service-learning provides students with opportunities to develop civic engagement skills. By working with community members, students can enhance their group, organizational and interpersonal skills. They also can gain important experience working with diverse members of their communities. Some of the benefits for Students include:

  • Enriches student learning of subject matter by integrating classroom concepts with real-world problems and issues
  • Engages students in active learning
  • Increases awareness of community and current societal issues
  • Broadens perspectives of diversity issues and reduces negative stereotypes
  • Develops civic responsibility through active community involvement
  • Improves interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and leadership
  • Allows faculty to be innovative and creative in their teaching approach
  • Enriches and enlivens teaching and learning by extending learning beyond the classroom
  • Supports the college’s vision of “engagement with our community
  • Supports the work of agencies which are often understaffed and under-budgeted
  • Fosters an ethic of service and civic participation in students who will be tomorrow’s volunteers and civic leaders

 Service Learning Handbook