Classified Employee Benefits Summary

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1-5 years = 192 hours
6-10 years = 240 hours
11-15 years = 288 hours
16+ years = 336 hours

  • Annual leave - The amount of leave earned is based on length of service and percent of month worked.

0-5 years = 8 hours/ month
6-10 years = 10 hours/month
11-15 years = 12 hours/month
16+ years = 14 hours/month

The employee begins to earn leave from the first day of employment; leave is credited on the last day of the month. Maximum leave which may be carried forward into a new fiscal year varies with the length of service.

  • Sick leave - Employees earn 6.66 hours/month (approximately 10 days/year). Sick leave can be used after the employee has completed one full month of service. Full-time employees paid for less than a full month and part-time employees earn sick leave in proportion to the number of hours worked. Maximum leave which may be carried into a new fiscal year is 45 days for employees hired since July 1, 1988; the maximum for employees hired before this date is 45 days plus their balance as of July 1, 1988.
  • Holidays - The college is closed New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Four additional state holidays are observed during the Christmas break as defined by official RRCC alternate holiday schedule. Employees working less than 90 percent of a month receive holiday leave on a prorated basis. An employee must work or be on paid leave the day before and day after a holiday in order to be paid for that holiday.
  • Administrative leave - May be granted to attend meetings, conferences, examinations for promotions, state job interview for promotions and other work-related activities
  • Leave without pay - May be granted with prior approval for a specified period of time. Whenever an employee uses 173 hours of leave without pay in a 12-month period, the service date will be adjusted. The service date affects anniversary dates, seniority, leave accrual, anniversary increases, and other service benefits.
  • Leave sharing - Allows a classified employee to voluntarily transfer annual leave to another qualifying employee who is experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship. The receiving employee must have completed one year of service to qualify.
  • Health insurance - A cafeteria plan is available and coverage is effective the first day of month following start date.
  • Dental insurance - The employee may choose in-network or out-of-network coverage with United Dental Care. Dependent coverage is available for an additional cost.
  • Life insurance - RRCC fully funds $12,000 term life and AD&D insurance through Prudential for employees only. A variety of additional life insurance products may be purchased for employee and dependents.
  • Short-term disability - Compensates the employee at 60 percent of salary earned at the time of the disability. Eligibility is determined by the state's short-term disability insurance carrier. Leave becomes available on the 31st calendar day of the disability, or whenever sick leave is exhausted, whichever is later. A short-term disability leave is not available until the employee has completed one year of service.
  • Long-term disability (LTD) - Continues benefits after short-term disability benefits end. LTD provides employees with 60 percent of their pre-disability income.
  • Flexible spending accounts - Allows employees to pay eligible health and/or dependent day care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Taxable income is reduced by the amount of anticipated expenses, set aside in reimbursement account.
  • Retirement - Participation in the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) is mandatory in lieu of the employee's contribution to Social Security. Retirement benefits are based on age, length or service, and highest average salary. A minimum five years of service is needed to receive PERA benefit (vested).