HR Forms

HR Forms and Documents


Covid-19 Related Forms

Covid-19 Notification/General Inquiry Form

Temporary Telecommunicating Agreement - Completed by Employee

Weekly Administrative Leave Report - Completed by Supervisor

Emergency FMLA Request Form - Completed by Employee

Self Certification Form COVID-19 - Completed by Employee

COVID-19 Reasonable Accommodation Request Form - Completed by Employee

COVID-19 Accommodation Matrix - Reference 

COVID-19 Time and Leave Options - Reference 

Requisitions/Hiring Documents

Adjunct Instructor Requisition

Student Employee Requisition - Fall 2020

Student Employee Requisition - Spring 2021

Request for Volunteer Clearance

Affiliate Instructor Clearance Request

Position Descriptions

How to write a position description document (Coming soon!)

Admin Tech Pro Position Description

Classified Position Description   

Variable Hour Position Description

Student Employment position description

Performance Evaluations*

*For more information on performance planning, please see the operational guidelines page.

Admin Tech Pro Performance Evaluation 

Admin Tech Pro Performance Evaluation with Employee Self-Assessment

Classified Performance Planning and Evaluation (Coming Soon!)

Faculty Performance Planning and Evaluation (Available Through Instructional Services)

Variable Hour Employee Evaluation (Coming Soon!)

Student Employee Evaluation

Student and Hourly Corrective Action Memo

Demographic/Status Change Forms

Conclusion of Appointment Form

Biweekly Personnel Action Document

Employee Personal Information Change Form

Outside Employment Request  (Update Coming Soon!)

Public Records Request

Supervisor/Time Approver Change Request

2020 Form W-4


Biweekly Manual Timesheet

*Note - Biweekly manual timesheets require physical signatures. Use of manual timesheets will result in delayed payment.

Leave/Overtime Documents

Overtime Agreement Form  (Update Coming Soon!)

Classified Dispute Forms

Classified Appeal Dispute Form

Reimbursement Forms

Canopy Trainings Reimbursement Form (For Adjunct Instructors)

Supplementary Service Reimbursement Sign-In

Tuition Reimbursement

Resignation Letter Templates

Resignation Process Guide (Coming Soon!)

Classified Resignation Letter

Non-Classified Resignation Letter


Procedure Template (.pdf)

To access the following forms, please contact the HR office directly:

Direct Deposit Change Form

Variable Hour/Part-Time Requisition

Full-Time Employment Requisition