People in the IDEA Lab

Liz Cox, Director of IDEA Institute

Liz has been creating programs for students to engage in STEM, sustainable development, study abroad, research, and internships for over 20 years. She's passionate about mentoring, guiding and coaching students into purposeful experiences that have a deep impact on the world. When not advocating for students, she enjoys biking, hiking and exploring new foods.

Liz can be reached at

Jeremy Beard, IDEA Lab Lead Academic
Jeremy graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2004 with a degree in Civil Engineering and worked for 10 years in water/wastewater design. He is currently working on a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. When Jeremy is not mentoring students in the IDEA Lab he teaches the IDEA course (EGT 140). In his free time Jeremy is busy training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and Pokemon catching.

Jeremy can be reached at

Joshua Burmeister, IDEA Lab Manager
Josh completed a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. At Mines he worked as an adjunct instructor and taught Intro to Mechanical Engineering and Intro to Robotics. In the IDEA Lab, Josh runs the new build space, works on Arduino projects, and will be teaching RRCC's robotics class (EGG 106) in the fall of 2017.

Josh can be reached at

Shelby Ryan, IDEA Lab Weekend Manager
Shelby is a mechanical engineering students at the Colorado School of Mines for mechanical engineering. He knows a little bit about everything in the lab, if you ever need help with a tool or machine just ask. Specializing in 3D Modeling, operating the CNC Laser/Router, and Arduino projects. On his free time, he plays billiards and Frisbee golf. If you want to see something funny, ask him about his YouTube channel.