F1 Student Employment

Outlined below are the conditions under which an international student may legally work on campus.

  • You must be in F1 immigration status
    Some students who are "international" may be from another country and studying at RRCC but have entered the country with a visa other than F1 that prohibits work. Common visa types include B1/B2, H4, F2, J1, J2. None of these visa holders are able to work at RRCC.
  • You must be maintaining F1 status - EVERY SEMESTER
    You may enter the country as an F1 student but if you don't continue to comply with the regulations, you violate your status and therefore can no longer work.

Maintenance of F1 status:

  • FULL-TIME ENROLLMENT: Enrolled in at least 12 credits every fall and spring semester
  • MAINTAIN ACADEMIC PROGRESS: Make reasonable academic progress (pass all courses) and be in good academic standing
  • ALL CURRENT CHARGES ON ACCOUNT ARE PAID IN-FULL: Have all tuition and fees paid for the current semester
  • NO EMPLOYMENT VIOLATIONS: Do not work illegally
  • You must work "on-campus"
    You may work for RRCC in a student hourly position (NOT a work-study position), for a private company operating on campus serving students (cafeteria, bookstore), or with a RRCC program off-campus (School Age Child Care).
  • You must have a social security number
    If you are in F1 status and have a job offer, you may request a letter from the International Student Services Office to use in combination with your I-20 form to apply for a social security number at the Social Security Office. You will also need a letter of employment from RRCC. (Ask us in the International Student Services Office for Social Security Office locations and hours.) The Social Security Card you will receive is marked "Not Valid for Employment Without Authorization." The USCIS Authorization to work on-campus is the I-20 form Red Rocks Community College has issued you.

    You do not need to pay social security or Medicare taxes for the first 5 years in the U.S., but you must pay all other taxes.

    Read more about Obtaining a Social Security Number.

  • You may work up to 20 hours/week while classes are in session or up to 28 hours/week while on class breaks
    You may work up to 20 hours/week total, while classes are in session. If you are working in 2 departments, your hours may add up to be 20 hours/week. While Fall and Spring classes are not in session (winter break, spring break, and summer), you may work up to 28 hours/week.

There are other ways in which you may work off-campus, most commonly Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training.

If you'd like information about these, contact the International Student Services Office. If you have any questions or concerns about the above information, feel free to contact the International Student Services Office at 303.914.6416.

Finding a Job on Campus

You will need to look for a job called a "STUDENT HOURLY" position. ("Work-Study" positions are for U.S. residents and citizens who have qualified for federal financial aid.)

Not all students are able to find jobs on campus because there are limited positions.

Follow the steps below to look for a job on campus.

  1. Contact the International Student Services & Programs Office to verify that you are eligible for student employment.
  2. Search for open positions at http://www.rrcc.edu/human-resources/student-employment.
  3. Visit the Human Resources office to get a Referral Form.
  4. Contact the supervisors of any positions that look interesting to you and arrange an interview.
  5. Return to Student Employment Services with your referral card if the employer tells you that you have the job.
  6. Fill out "New Hire" paperwork at Human Resources. Bring your passport, social security card, and I-20.

You may also work directly for the Red Rocks Cafe or the Red Rocks Bookstore. For positions at these locations, you'll need to ask the managers directly if there are positions. If you are interested in working at a particular office or department, you may contact them directly but you must still go through the above steps before being hired.

Contact the International Student Services Office at 303.914.6416
Student Employment Office at 303.914.6258