Internships for Employers

About Internships for Employers

Students look for internships to gain experience in their academic area through practical work
experience. By working closely with an expert in the field, students receive supervision and
mentoring. Workplace supervisors provide opportunities for learning and professional growth.

Differences between Internships and Jobs

  • An internship has an expectation of training and learning.
  • The employer provides direct supervision by a knowledgeable professional.
  • Students can register and pay for internship credit.
  • Positions best suited for listing as jobs instead of internships include:

Setting Up an Internship

  • Post a position on RRCC Career Connect.
  • Students apply directly to employers.
  • Select a student.
  • Direct the intern to the RRCC Internship Office for an internship orientation prior to
    putting in hours.
  • Sign the Internship Training Agreement and Learning Objectives.
  • The student can start!

Ready to Post an Internship?