How to Apply for LEA: Individual Information and Instructions

If you are interested in attending the Spring 2019 RRCC Law Enforcement Academy, starting January 14th 2019, please apply now. Seating is limited and the process is competitive.  

If you are interested in attending the Fall 2019 RRCC Law Enforcement Academy beginning January 2019 you may fill out the RRCC LEA Contact form and we will contact you with more details as they arrive. 

Basic information for the Law Enforcement Academy: 18 weeks, class hours: M-F, 8am to 5pm with some night classes until 10pm, weekend online exams every 2 weeks, possibly a Saturday class. This is an "intense" high demand police academy involving physical and mental ability! The application process is NOT open enrollment and it most likely will involve an oral board interview along with other requirements.  More information as follows:

The application process for the Spring 2019 Law Enforcement Academy (LEA) is now open, please follow EACH of the steps below.

  1. Fill out the following Academy application- (LEA Application)
  2. Complete the following packet in its entirety (LEA Instruction Packet)
  3. Pay for the Oral Board Process fee online here (Do not pay this until the Director/Designee has approved you to attend an Oral Board process)
  4. Once your packet is complete, send all completed and scanned documents to the Academy e-mail address at  No phone calls please.
  5. Bring your fully completed packet and application (in both electronic and paper form) with you on the day of your interview.
  6. You will normally be notified of acceptance into the Police Academy after the Oral Interviews are complete (June for Fall classes, November for Spring).

You must complete a background check as part of your application to the Law Enforcement Academy. You can complete the background check here.  If you have any questions regarding the background check, please contact Customer Service at 888.723.4263 or reach them by email at:

Please contact Director Mark Beluscak at with any questions.