Module 2: Time Management and Goal Setting

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1. Read the information sheet - The Basics of Time Management.

2. You need to have time if you are going to manage it. Download the Time Management Balance Sheet and complete it. Where are you spending too much time? How can you change it? 

3. One way to balance your time is to control it. Read the worksheet on Creating a Master Schedule and then download the Blank Master Schedule and complete it. (A day planner, a calendar or a P.D.A. can do the same function) Keeping track of your semester, weekly and daily obligations can help you use time wisely.

4. Read the document Study Time. It will help you learn ways to study more efficiently.

5. Download the Procrastination Checklist and complete it. Then read 20 Tips to Beat Procrastination. Write a plan for you to beat procrastination and print it up. Put it up in your study area.

6. Download, read and complete the document on Goal Setting. Put your list of goals in your study area.

7. After completing the previous steps, write an action plan for how you will use the information found in this module in the future. Print up your plan and put the copy up in your study area.