Module 6: Handling Test Anxiety

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1. Everyone has some level of test anxiety. Find where you stand by taking a Test Anxiety Questionnaire. What was your score? Does that score seem reasonable for you? Why or why not? Contained in this module are some suggestions for handling stress and some links with further information if you need it.

2. Since many students can help their test anxiety be better preparation, be sure to visit the Test Taking Module, which contains many test preparation suggestions.

3. All college activities may cause some level of stress. Read the selection on Stress Management. Based on the information found in the article, write a plan for how you will handle your stress in a productive way.

4. Here is a comprehensive plan for Overcoming Test Anxiety. What will you use from this reading? Why?

5. There are many online resources which can help you with test anxiety. Check out some of them found in Test Anxiety Resources. After looking at three or more websites, which did you find most informative? Why?