Frequently Asked Questions

How long do items check out and are there fines on them?

See the below chart with a listing of how long items check-out for and what the fines are on them.

Item Type Checkout Period Late Fees
Course Reserves Professor’s choice,  usually 4 hours $10 per day, max $200
Calculators 1 day $10 per day, max $200
iPads & Laptops 4 hours $10 per day, max $1,000
Books, CDs & DVDs 45 days n/a

I'm having trouble finding a book at RRCC, where else can I look?

If we do not have a book, you can try these other sources:

Overdue Items and Fines

Notices will be sent to a borrower's campus e-mail before an item is due, and several times after it is overdue. Any borrower with fines over $10.00 will not be allowed to check-out additional items until fines are paid. See the Circulation Desk for a copy of fines owed to take to the Cashier. When an item has been overdue for 45 days it is automatically declared lost and a replacement fee is charged and your student account will be blocked.

Your Library Account

To check out items from the library, you will need to sign a user agreement. Your account will be tied to your RRCC account (Banner) and your RRCC email address (student, faculty or staff).  All communication from the library is delivered to RRCC email.

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