LSAMP Scholars

Our Scholars are working to make our world a better place through STEM fields. 

Through LSAMP, scholars can explore options for STEM majors, transfer options, and network with other students and professionals.

At the four year level, our Scholars are provided with research experiences and opportunities to expand skills in their field of interest which helps to build confidence, content knowledge, and a competitive edge when entering the workforce.


Shireen Shikak, A.S.- Biomed/Pathology Major

Your major and why  you chose it:

I'm pursuing an education in biology and am hoping to get into a pathology program.

 Your career goals:

I would like to use my understanding of pathogens, virology to work in the public health sector.

 Your current affiliations/activities/memberships on campus:

 LSAMP, Women in STEM, and I work in Accessibility Services

 Where you want to transfer:

CSU or Metro

 Fun fact about you:

I'm Kurdish and Hispanic, so I speak 4 languages!


Cassidy Kirk, A.S.- Pre-Med Major (RRCC Graduate)

Your major and why you chose it:

Biology because I want to apply for medical school in the future and be involved in cutting edge research.

Your career goals:

I would love to become a Pediatric surgeon or a children’s doctor.

Your current affiliations/activities/memberships on campus:

Member of Phi Theta Kappa, Women in STEM, and LSAMP

Where you want to transfer:

NYU, Colorado College, Emory, or SDU.

Fun fact about you:

I practice glove light shows almost every day. 


LSAMP Scholars @ RRCC...

(LSAMP Metro Denver STEM Alliance at Dr. Herrera-Alonso's Biochem Lab, Colorado State Univeristy Fall 2019)


Our Scholars are students in fields ranging from nursing to computer technology, and everything in between in STEM. Currently, LSAMP Scholars at RRCC fall into one of the following areas: