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Brand Identity

It is vital to the success of a brand to have a consistent visual representation on all print and electronic communications. The visual representation of a brand (such as colors, logos, typefaces, symbols) is known as the brand identity.

The brand identity is what makes a brand instantly identifiable to the viewer. Correct usage of the RRCC identity guidelines will ensure that the viewers will recognize the materials as coming from RRCC.

All departments and offices associated with RRCC must follow the brand identity guidelines. Any outside agency producing materials for RRCC programs, departments, or other entities must also follow these guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding the RRCC brand identity guidelines, please contact us.

Brand Identity Guidelines


The RRCC logos are not to be skewed, rotated, disassembled, rearranged or used in any way contrary to the brand identity. Further instructions on using the RRCC logos can be found in the brand identity guidelines. To ensure the logo is used correctly, review the guidelines before downloading the logo.



White logo shown
on grey box for
viewing purposes only.

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The RRCC mountain logo is comprised of mountains and the signature line “Red Rocks Community College.” This logo was designed to portray RRCC as a competitive, vibrant and innovative institution. It is to be used on all external facing materials such as ads, brochures, postcards, posters, flyers, newsletters, catalogs, schedules, viewbooks, handbooks, billboards, websites, videos, business cards, and promotional materials (pens, mugs, and other give-away items).



White logo shown
on grey box for
viewing purposes only.

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For a copy of your department's official logo, please contact the Marketing department. President's Office logos are also available for authorized users.



RRCC’s primary typeface is Helvetica Neue.

An acceptable substitute is Arial Narrow.

Business Cards

RRCC Business cards are made from 100% recycled paper and can be ordered online.
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