Mechanical Trades

Mechanical Trades Program Information

These certificates are part of the State of Colorado program approval for Building and Apartment Maintenance. Please see Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration, Carpentry, or Plumbing for additional degrees and certificates under this category.

This program provides basic entry-level and job upgrade skills. This subset of degrees and certificates was created in partnership with industry associates and The Department of Labor. It addresses the need of most contractors for multi-talented employees that can handle varied tasks with confidence. It is also intended to assist in the preparation of plumbers for successful completion of state plumbing exams. Completion of plumbing-related coursework at Red Rocks Community College can replace the field experience (work under a master plumber) required to qualify to take the exams as follows: one hour of classroom training equals one hour of on-the-job training up to a maximum of one year.

Specialized and job upgrade courses (for example, PLU 207 International Plumbing Code, PLU 247 Hot Water Heating Systems) will continue to be taught as stand-alone courses.

Pre/Corequisites and Catalog Requirements

Beginning in the summer of 2014, there is a change in pre/corequisite classes. *** If you began your course of study in the summer of 2014, you will have HVA 107 as a pre/corequisite class for all CAR classes. Students taking HVA 107 can substitute this class for the HWE 113 and OSH 127 requirements since OSH 127 is not currently being offered. If you began your course of study before summer of 2014, you will graduate under the catalog requirements listed for the semester that you were first enrolled. If you interrupt attendance for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer term) and then return, you must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time you re-enroll.

New students should contact Advising at 303.914.6255. Current students should call 303.914.6306.