Community Innovators Respond to COVID 19

The IDEA Lab at Red Rocks Community College.

Faculty, staff and students at Red Rocks Community College are coordinating with healthcare professionals and multiple institutions across Colorado for the COVID-19 response effort. 
Our goal is to respond to the most pressing medical needs in the midst of national uncertainty and confusion.

By donating to this fund you are:

  • Buying the materials to use for rapid prototyping so that we can get ventilator parts and medical protective gear into the hands of professionals for testing
  • Aiding the community of local people donating their time and expertise to address these critical shortages
  • Building towards a local/global community of makers, designers, and educators who are sharing and learning from each other

If you have questions about these funds or would like additional information, please email, Director, The HUB: Center for Engagement and Innovation.

Donate now to the IDEA Lab's COVID-19 efforts through

RRCC's Press Release IDEA Lab Answers a Call for Help on COVID 19 

CBS4 Denver Thursday March 26 'Make4Covid' Colorado Students Use 3D Printing To Make Medical Equipment

CBS4 Denver Video Transcript

See more about the work of Make4Covid and the community of makers, designers, healthcare professionals and engineers and their work on PPE.

Video conference on computer with student holding up 3D printed mockup valve.Mockup of 3D printed double valve with switches. Green and yellow 3D printed plastic pieces next to computer. Home setup for 3D printing workspace. Various different pieces of equipment on top of table, including reem of green plastic rope for 3D printing, dust masks, plastic tubes, hand tools, papers, and binders.