Literary Magazine Class (ENG 231)

ENG 231 Literary Magazine - 3 credits

Obscura is produced by RRCC students in the Literary Magazine course (ENG 231) offered each Spring.

This class covers the editorial and publication process, including:

  • How to choose publishable material from a large pool of creative submissions.
  • How to design, format, and edit a magazine for both print and online production.
  • How to market a magazine to the public.

Students will produce a printed, physical example of their work to use in a portfolio or to show off to friends, family, and college representatives. The knowledge and skills gained in this course can be transferred to careers in writing and publishing.

Students of all interests and disciplines are welcome to take the class, especially students with creative writing, art, or design experience. For more information, contact the Department Chair of the English Department or your academic advisor.


Grade of C or higher in the following courses: CCR 092 or CCR 094 or equivalent placement scores.