President's Welcome

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Celebrating Our 50th Year Of Higher Education!


Throughout this Orientation, you will come across two types of interactive text:


Textpoppers will be highlighted in BLUE and set in BOLD typeface. When you roll over a textpopper, it will provide you with a definition of the term or additional information that will help you better understand a given topic.


Roll over the textpopper above to see how it works!


Links will also be highlighted in BLUE and they will be UNDERLINED. When you click on a link it will open a new browser window, allowing you to obtain additional information about the topic without losing your place in the orientation.

Click on the link above to see how it works!




 Test yourself!

Click in the bubble next to the answer you believe to be correct and then click "Check Answer." If you answer incorrectly, review the information provided on the page and try again. Once you answer the question correctly, a link will appear directing you to the next page.


This orientation is going to be a blast!