Admissions Requirements and Application Procedures - 2024 Application Cycle

Thank you for your interest in the Red Rocks Community College Physician Assistant Program.  The 2024 application cycle will open April 2024. All applications to the RRCC PA Program must be submitted through CASPA. Please review information contained in all admissions tabs to ensure all admissions requirements are met and completed. 

Please check the RRCC PA Program homepage for dates of upcoming program information sessions. The RRCC PA faculty provides information sessions for those interested in learning more about a physician assistant career, the RRCC PA program and application/admission process.

The core requirements for application to the RRCC Physician Assistant Program include the following:

  • Completed Bachelor's degree
  • Completed specific program prerequisites. A list of all required courses can be found on our Pre-Req's page.
  • Acquisition of 2,000 hours of paid healthcare-relevant experience within 5 years prior to the current application cycle. 
  • Payment of $100.00 application fee
  • Please note: Neither the GRE nor CASPer exams are application requirements. Applicants may submit exam results if these assessments have been taken; however, these will not be considered in application review. 

Choose from the following, depending on application interest:

I am ready to apply to the RRCC PA Program
(please note prerequisite requirements)
Use this link for all admissions and prerequisite requirements

  • The RRCC PA program faculty and staff do not provide assistance with completion of the CASPA application or review prior to submittal. For help with application-related questions, contact CASPA Customer Support at 617-612-2080 or
  • A note about professionalism: The PA profession and RRCC PA program value professionalism in program pre-applicants, applicants, students and graduates. The RRCC PA program expects all persons to exhibit professionalism when contacting and communicating with our program. The PA program is not obligated to respond to communication that is dishonest, threatening, argumentative or offensive. Unprofessional interaction with program staff and/or faculty will be taken into consideration during application review.

I might want to be a PA.
Use this link to find out more about the physician assistant profession.

I have applied in the past and haven't gotten in. What can I do to improve my application?
Use this link to find out more about the RRCC Physician Assistant Program's application process.