I have applied in the past and haven't gotten in. What can I do to improve my application?

Each year there are many qualified applicants who meet the minimum prerequisites for admission to the RRCC PA Program. However, there are also applicants who do not meet the minimum prerequisites. First, carefully review the admissions link for the most current application cycle requirements and deadlines. 

Applicants who are admitted to the Red Rocks PA Program are typically a very good match for the Program and its mission. There are a few things that a re-applicant can do to strengthen his/her application. You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the individuals writing my reference letters be able to speak to my clinical abilities and personal/professional strengths and give examples?
  • Do I have poor grades in the required prerequisites that could be improved by re-taking courses?
  • Are there additional science courses I haven’t taken that would improve my foundational knowledge in preparation for my PA education?
  • Has my paid healthcare- relevant experience prepared me to be a good match for this Program's mission?
  • As I proofread my personal statement, does it reflect my desire/motivation to become a Physician Assistant and a part of the RRCC PA Program?

Again, each year there are many qualified candidates while only 32 students can be accepted.  An applicant may be highly qualified and a good match for this Program, but there are always many more than 32 applicants who are highly qualified candidates.  Re-applicants are encouraged to be persistent in their application to the Program as many successful RRCC PA Program graduates are re-applicants.