Independent Contractor Forms

We have a variety of independent contractors that perform services. Several factors are taken into consideration and used to determine if the work to be performed and/or the vendor meets independent contractor criteria. A brief meeting with the department contact may be scheduled to clarify the purchasing process. If we cannot proceed from a purchasing perspective, we will look at other options on a case-by-case basis.

Forms to be completed by Vendor*:


PERA Retiree Questionnaire PDF

Independent Contractor Questionnaire PDF

Unauthorized Immigrant Form PDF *This form is ONLY required if a Purchase Order or Contract is NOT issued. Contact Renee if you have questions.

Contract Packet:

If you need to request a personal service contract please contact Renee Murillo, Procurement Manager, for the appropriate paperwork that would need to be completed.

*The Purchasing Department will determine if additional forms are required.