We offer exciting and thought provoking interdisciplinary science courses at Red Rocks Community College. We offer Meteorology courses that introduce the science of both weather and climate. Courses listed under the SCI prefix are our interdisciplinary science offerings. 

Meteorology Courses

  • MET 150 General Meteorology w/Lab - GT-SC1 (4 credits)
    Provides an introduction to general meteorology and atmospheric science. This is a guaranteed transfer science lab course.
  • MET 151 Introduction to Climatology (3 credits)
    Introduces the physical mechanisms responsible for spatial and temporal variability in Earth's climate and the human-climate relationship. This course is pending GT approval.

Science Courses

  • SCI 105 Science and Society - GT-SC2 (3 credits)
    Examines issues relating to the way science affects society.
  • SCI 155 Integrated Science I w/Lab - GT-SC1 (4 credits)
    Examines the nature of energy and matter, their interactions and changes, and the application of fundamental concepts to the study of our natural world. This interdisciplinary course focuses on physics and chemistry.  
  • SCI 156 Integrated Science II w/Lab - GT-SC1 (4 credits)
    Examines earth and biological systems, living and non-living environments, through the application of fundamental energy and matter concepts. SCI 155 is not a pre-requisite for this interdisciplinary course.