Pathway to Engineering

Begin your Engineering Pathway at RRCC

Engineering Transfer is a preparatory curriculum for students who plan to continue their education at a four-year college or university and complete a degree in one of the professional engineering fields.

See more about Engineering Pathway at RRCC and Engineering Transfer Courses.

Transfer program to Colorado School of Mines

RRCC has an articulated transfer agreement with Colorado School of Mines where students who complete all of the prescribed RRCC coursework and meet minimum cumulative grade point average and course grades may transfer the prescribed coursework upon admission to Colorado School of Mines. This program may take two or more years to complete at RRCC prior to transfer. While at RRCC, students may complete freshman engineering design EGT 140 IDEA at RRCC and transfer it for Cornerstone I at Mines. Students can also complete Statics (EGG 211) at Red Rocks. See the Colorado School of Mines Transfer Guide.

Interested in summer research? Students who have been accepted into Mines can spend the transitional summer doing cross-cutting research at Mines. See more about the Bridge Opportunities for Transfer Student Success (BOTS)

Engineering Pathway Program to University of Colorado - Boulder

Thanks to an integrated partnership, the RRCC to CU-Boulder pathway can be attractive to both community college students, as well as qualified high school students taking concurrent enrollment classes with RRCC. CU-Boulder Engineering and RRCC have designed this pathway to support a more streamlined transition between colleges and give you a detailed view of what your academic plan will look like. Guides to CU's Engineering degrees can be found on the Red Rocks to CU-Boulder Engineering Pathway website. General Colorado community college information into CU Engineering can be found here

Additionally, EGT 140 – IDEA: Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications transfers directly to CU Engineering as Engineering Projects (GEEN 1400).

Interested in summer research on the Boulder camus? Check out the Research Experience for Community College Students (RECCS) or Solar and Space Physics Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Innovation in the IDEA Lab

In the IDEA Lab, students propose STEM-based solutions to real world design and technical challenges. Gain skills in the design-process, take a workshop in 3D printing, electronics, soldering and more, and experience working with a real world client.