For Employees

New Spring 2016!

The Student Health & Counseling Center is now offering medical services to all RRCC staff, faculty, and employees for a co-pay of $30 per visit. The co-pay covers the cost of seeing the medical provider at each visit. Students pay a fee per semester and are not required to pay a co-pay. Employees and students have access to the same in house testing and diagnostics. Some procedures and in center tests may have a small additional fee to cover the cost of materials. Lab work and imaging must be paid for by the employee if you choose to self-pay, or, we are happy to send a copy of your health insurance to the lab or imaging center for processing. Please bring a valid employee ID to your visit.  

Why choose the Student Health & Counseling Center?

Some of you may not have insurance and may choose us as your primary care providers. Others may be insured, but sometimes convenience and shorter wait times may persuade you to use the Health Center at RRCC. We can save you time as the center is just a short walk to the west side of the Lakewood Campus. We also have a center located at the Arvada Campus in Arvada.

In some cases, we can also save you money. As a full functioning family practice office, we frequently accommodate walk in appointments for sick visits or acute injuries. Heading to the Emergency Department for an animal bite or in need of stitches can be an expensive endeavor, even with insurance! At the Student Health & Counseling Center, an acute care visit for stitches may only cost $50 ($30 co-pay + $20 materials fee = $50) which is less than a visit to the ED. (Kaiser insurance co-pay for the ED is $100).

Self Pay Options: Available for all employees  

The self pay option for labs and imaging come at a highly discounted price. Colorado Laboratory Services offers a 40% discount of all lab tests and pathology when the patient pays their bill within 25 days. For example, most of the common lab tests (cholesterol panel, complete blood counts, thyroid test) cost approximately $32 dollars each when using the self pay option. Imaging tests vary in price according to what the test is, however, these are also discounted when paying at the time of your visit. Payment plans are also available through the imaging company to make more expensive tests more affordable.   

Does having insurance help me at all?  Yes, it does!

While the Student Health & Counseling Center does not process health insurance for reimbursement after caring for a patient, your health insurance can be used to pay for lab work and imaging studies. We simply send a copy of your insurance card to the external company where they processes your insurance. The center does not receive any payments through your insurance, we simply get the information needed to treat you appropriately. Any additional fees required by your insurance are the responsibility of the patient. 

Important Information for Kaiser Insured Employees

Due to the nature of the Kaiser HMO, individuals with Kaiser Insurance may not have certain things covered at the Student Health & Counseling Center. Particularly, if lab work must be sent off site (cholesterol tests, metabolic panels, thyroid levels, etc.) it may be best to see your Kaiser provider. This is because the Student Health & Counseling Center is not part of the Kaiser HMO, and our lab (Colorado Laboratory Services) is excluded from Kaiser’s billing process. Similarly, medical imaging tests (X-rays, ultrasounds, etc.) may also not be covered. 

Why would a Kaiser insured employee ever come to the Student Health & Counseling Center?

Convenience may be the number one reason as we are a fully functioning family practice and we are located just a short walk down the hall. The medical providers at Student Health & Counseling Center commonly guide patients about the most cost effective way to get needed tests, imaging, and prescriptions. If these things are needed, we have a self-pay pricing list that comes with a great discount to patients who are uninsured or who opt not to use their insurance. We also generally write prescriptions off the four and ten dollar lists at various pharmacies in the area, which are often cheaper than using your insurance.  

If I have Kaiser Insurance, when is it appropriate to choose the Student Health & Counseling Center?

Generally, sick visits will be the most common reason. Other options that can help save time and money include:  minor procedures such as stitches ($30 co-pay + $20 materials fee = $50 will be cheaper than a visit to the emergency department), needing a doctor’s note, prescription refills for common medicines, etc.  Another reason to use the SHC is for a physical exam that requires a signature (health programs, travel abroad, childcare programs, camp counselors, outdoor education trips). If you have already had a physical in the last calendar year, your insurance will not pay for a second one. In this case, the Student Health & Counseling Center can be a great, inexpensive, and convenient way to solve this problem.

We encourage you to utilize this great service for any reason of your choosing. We will do our best to help you navigate through the healthcare system in order to receive the best care possible.

For specific questions or concerns, please feel free to call 303.914.6546