Medical Services

Medical Services:

  • Annual Physical Exams
  • Health Program Physicals for signature 
  • Multiple sick visits or consultations as needed
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Common Illnesses
  • STI Testing and Counseling
  • Women’s Health: Well Woman Exam (breast exam and PAP smear), Birth Control Counseling
  • Dermatology (skin) Evaluations: acne, warts, moles, rashes, bites, infections, etc.
  • Diet and exercise counseling
  • Smoking/tobacco cessation counseling, referrals, and prescriptions
  • In - Office Procedures:  stitches, toe nail removal, wart removal, etc. ($)
  • Pregnancy Testing ($) (free if ordered by the provider for medical reasons)
  • Vaccinations:  MMR, Hepatitis B, TDap (Tetanus and Pertussis), and Tb tests ($)
  • Seasonal Flu Shots ($)
  • Lab work ($ or charged to patient's insurance)
  • Imaging (xray, ultrasound, etc.): orders sent to outside imaging company ($ or charge to patient's insurance)


  • Prescriptions for non-controlled medications may be given as determined by a provider. 
  • Prescriptions must be filled at an outside pharmacy of your choice.
    • Prescriptions for controlled substances will NOT be provided under ANY circumstances: Narcotics, sleep aids (Lunesta or Ambien), ADHD medicines, anti-anxiety, or mental health medications.
  • Prescriptions for Mental Health diagnoses will not be provided at this center. Please see Behavioral Health Services. 
  • This center does not keep any narcotic/pain medications on campus.

Payment for Procedures, Vaccines, and Tests:

  • While the cost of the office visit is covered, you will be charged for certain in-office procedures, tests, medications, and vaccines in order to cover the cost of materials. 
  • All external laboratory tests and imaging must be paid for by the patient.
    • This includes those needed to make a diagnosis during an exam.
    • The Student Health & Counseling Center works with outside vendors who provide a lower cost cash pay option for patient's who are not insured.
    • External lab tests and imaging may be charged to the patient's insurance, if applicable, at the patient's discretion.
  • All payments and billing is handled through external companies. The Student Health & Counseling Center does not profit from external services.