Student Health & Counseling Center Pricing List

Student Fees

If you are a student fee paying student, you have already paid the Student Health & Counseling Center fee and can utilize our services for the duration of your enrollment at RRCC. For students who do not pay fees (ex: online classes) you have the ability to opt-in by paying the fee (approximately $21 per semester/$11 in the summer) at the cashiers office. 

Employee Fees

All RRCC employees (staff, faculty, admin, adjunct, part-time, etc.) may now utilize the Student Health & Counseling Center for a co-pay of $30 per visit. An employee ID must be presented at the time of your visit.  


The Student Health & Counseling Center has several common vaccinations available at a whole-sale cost. During the summer of 2015 we did a comparative cost analysis of our vaccine prices compared to other local places that offer vaccines. We are proud to offer vaccines at a lower cash price than other local places. Additional vaccines may be available if needed. No co-pay required for employees to receive vaccines. 


Flu Shot

$25.00 (Recommended yearly in the fall for all people)


Hepatitis B

$65.00 per shot (1 booster or 3 shot series)


MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

$100.00 (2 Shots interval 1 month apart)


Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) 

Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria)

$60.00 (Every 10 years or earlier with injury or exposure. Recommended for Healthcare Providers at least once.)

$30 (Every 5-10 years with injury or exposure. Highly recommended for punctured and dirty wounds.)


PPD/ TB Test

$20.00 (Every year: placed and then read 48-72 hours later)

How do I know if I need a vaccination?

With the exception of a yearly flu shot, all other vaccines should be discussed with a health care provider. The physician assistants and medical assistant at the Student Health & Counseling Center are able to medically recommend vaccinations based on past immunization records and personal need. For students going into any of the health programs at RRCC, immunizations are required for many of those programs. More details are available on our Health Program Physicals page.

In Center Testing, Treatment, and Procedures

Due to the high cost of medical materials, we charge a small fee for certain in center tests and procedures.  


Pregnancy Test

$5.00 (may request without seeing the Provider)


Sterile Minor procedures

$20.00 (ex: stitches)


Non-Sterile Minor procedures

$15.00 (ex: abscesses)


HIV Testing (HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo)



Wart Treatment

$10.00 per treatment

Laboratory Testing

We work with Quest Laboratoy Services for all of our lab and pathology orders. These tests are at the expense of the patient. Quest has a self pay program that offers many common tests at a discounted price to patients who do not have insurance. A 40% discount is applied to the patient's bill when the patient pays the bill within 25 days. 

Lab and pathology requests are ordered at the discretion of the provider and are based on medical justification and medical need.

If you have insurance we are happy to submit your insurance with the lab order.  

The Student Health & Counseling Center is not responsible for cost and payment of any tests submitted to Quest. 


Similar to lab testing, we work with Touchstone Imaging, a company that offers a self pay option for patients who do not have insurance. Imaging tests include x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI, etc. All tests are ordered at the discretion of the Provider. Patient's are responsible for all billing and payment. If a patient has insurance, they may opt to submit their insurance to Touchstone Imaging for processing.  

The Student Health & Counseling Center is not responsible for any additional costs or payment of any tests submitted to Quest, Touchstone Imagine, or any other outside imaging or lab company.