Military Veteran Student Center

What is the Military/ Veteran Student Center?


It’s a dedicated place that veteran students and service members with common backgrounds, experiences, and goals can call their own, a place where they can study, connect, and support each other. 

It’s a library of resources that gives students access to a true veterans’ network that also includes workshops, Mentoring programs, Salute National Honor Society, and the RRCC chapter of Student Veterans of America.

It’s a command center devoted to the implementation of new programs and services designed to serve our veterans, military, and dependent students, including:

  • Academic credit for military service and training

  • Peer-to-Peer and Career Tranisition Mentoring

  • Penalty-free withdrawal for students called to active duty

  • Training college personnel to identify and understand the challenges veteran and military students encounter

  • Tutoring services

  • Veterans-only courses

  • Appointed staff who devote time and effort to providing individual support, giving feedback, answering questionsm and advocating for students and their families

Military Veteran Student CenterMilitary Veteran Student Center

The Military Veteran Student Center

A place for those who serve. 

The MVSC is located in Rm. 1007 near the East end of the RRCC Lakewood campus. Outfitted with a fridge, microwave, coffee makers,  computers, and printers.

Military Veteran Student Center