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Military Veteran Student Checklist

Step One: Activate/Transfer Benefits and Apply for Admissions

  • Apply for or update your VA educational benefits at (formerly VONAPP) to initiate your GI Bill® benefits and receive your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA in the mail. (COE) NOTE: It could take up to 2 months to receive your COE from the VA. When you do recived your COE, Send a copy of it to the Veteran Services office in Room 1005 on the Lakewood campus or email to You may continue through the remaining steps on this list prior to receipt of the COE, but you must take note of the confirmation number at the last screen of the application. ***Write down/Screen Shot the VA Confirmation number on the last screen. You will need to provide this confirmation number when authorizing RRCC to submit a VA education claim on your behalf.

  • Apply to Red Rocks Community College.

  • Complete the Application for the College Opportunity Fund (COF). If you did not authorize RRCC to apply for the COF on your behalf during the application process, you will need to either authorize or deny the COF. The College Opportunity Fund is a stipend that pays a portion of your in-state tuition costs ($85 per credit hour). Not authorizing or denying the COF will result in delays in processing tuition and fees to the V.A. as the Cashier's Office will not know at what rate they should calculate your tuition and fees.

  • Once you receive an email with your acceptance to RRCC, take note of your Student number (S number) and take note if the application system flagged you as an out-of-state student. The V.A. does not cover the extra expenses incurred for out-of-state residency, but RRCC does offer a military tuition rate for active duty, prior-service members and their dependents. If you need to establish Colorado residency for tuition purposes, bring a copy of your DD-214 (Or sponsor's DD-214) (Must be honorably discharged) and a Colorado ID to the Veteran Services office.

  • (Optional but recommended) Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at This form determines your eligibility for Federal Student Aid and Pell Grants. The RRCC School Code for this application is 009543. You are able to collect Financial Aid, Pell Grants and VA education benefits at the same time.

Step Two: Complete Red Rocks 101 Orientation (Online) - Mandatory

Designed to help students successfully navigate the college experience, Red Rocks 101 covers important topics such as class registration, financial aid, degree and certificate options, and student services. You can access the online orientation here. *Be sure that you know your S#, you will need to input your S# at the end of the orientation.

Step Three: Assessment Test & Previous Transcripts (if applicable)

Colorado requires all students to complete a math and language assessment before taking classes at any state school (unless you qualify for an exemption). The assessment is free and computerized, no appointment is necessary, and there’s no such thing as failing (it just helps place you in the right classes). Visit RRCC Assessment to find out more. If you have taken any college coursework prior to starting classes at RRCC, to include military training, you must provide your transcripts. Please visit our Student Records web page for more information.

Joint Services Transcripts Websites

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard visit

Air Force visit

Step Four: Meet with an Academic Advisor

Our experienced advisors will interpret your assessment results, and help pick the right classes for your chosen degree program. Have a question about which certificate or degree is right for you? Our Veteran Academic Advisor can help point you in the right direction. Contact Aimee Claire Elkins at or 303-914-6353 for an appointment. Walk-ins welcome!

Step Five: Register for Classes and Complete the VA Certification Form

You may register for classes in person at the Lakewood or Arvada campus or you can log in to the student portal “The Rock” and register for classes online. Once you have registered for classes, complete the VA Certification Form to authorize Red Rocks Community College to submit a VA education claim on your behalf. The VA Certification form (formerly known as "the blue sheet") can be completed online here: VA Certification Form

Please be sure to check your student email account frequently, as the student email account is the primary means of communication from the school to you. If there are any issues with processing your GI Bill, you will receive an email from the Veteran Services office. To ensure prompt and accurate payment of your GI Bill benefits, you must regularly check the student email account. Below is information on how to forward your student email account to an email account you already check regularly.

Additional Checklist Items


Activate Your Student Email Account

This is the way the school keeps in contact with you, it is important to activate your email account as soon as possible.

Step 1. Log in to the “The Rock” to access your Student Email by clicking on the envelope icon at the upper right.

Step 2. Click the icon (gray torso) on upper right to receive your email address. (

Step 3. To forward your emails to a mobile device do the following:

  1. Click on the SETTINGS (the gear) icon.
  2. Below on the right side of page click on MAIL.
  3. On the left side of page under ACCOUNT, click FORWARDING.
  4. At the top of the page click the button marked START FORWARDING.
  5. Type in your personal email address in the window provided. (@gmail, @yahoo, etc.)
  6. If you want copies of your email saved in your accounts, check the box - Keep a copy of forwarded messages.
  7. Click on SAVE. 
  8. If you receive an email from your RRCC account and need to reply to it, log into The Rock and reply from there.

Get Your Student ID

  • Bring your printed schedule to the Student Life Desk at the Lakewood campus for verification of registration. Student Life hours are Mon.-Thurs. 0900-1900 and Friday 0900-1700.

Buy/Rent your Text Books and Daniels Brothers Book Loan

  • Bring your printed schedule for help finding your books in the bookstore or visit
  • RRCC offers the Daniels Brothers book loan, for student veterans awaiting their GI Bill® book stipend. The loan is limited to $400 per semester. Contact Aimee Claire Van Rooyen (303-914-6353 for more details.

Accessibility Services (If needed)

The role of Accessibility Services is to remove barriers for students with disabilities by providing support and accommodations. Disabilities can be physical, psychological, developmental, related to learning or health-related.

        To schedule an intake appointment:

  • Call: 303-914-6733
  • Email:
  • Stop by Accessibility Services (Rm. 1182 at the Lakewood Campus inside the Learning Commons)

RRCC Contact Information

Lakewood Campus
13300 W. 6th Ave. Lakewood, CO 80228

Arvada Campus
5420 Miller St. Arvada, CO 80002

Aimee Claire Elkins, School Certifying Official

Rita Case, Veteran Services Coordinator

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at