Career Connect Information for Workers

On Campus Interviewing

Provide space for employers to conduct interviews on campus with potential candidates. 

Internship Promotion and Support

Work with employers to determine if an internship is good fit for RRCC students and meet the internship criteria. 

Help new internship employers develop internships through the creation of job descriptions, expectations, learning objectives, and being a support throughout the internship process. 

Post position on RRCC’s online job board, Career Connect

Internship Coordinator contacts interested students to tell them about internship opportunities (both by using the Career Connect database as well as database of students actively working with the Internship Coordinator.

CSC shares “hot” job opportunities with faculty in related departments through email (unsure if faculty is sharing information with students)

Post flyers on campus, digital monitors, and through Career Center social media

Group Career Assessments

Conduct YouScience Assessment (or other career assessments) for employers as an additional way to provide professional development for their staff.  CSC would conduct initial testing, come back for a group interpretation of results and provide the employer with additional questions to be used a team building exercise for their staff so they can recognize each person’s strengths and identify how to better understand and work together more efficiently based on everyone’s strengths and interests. Cost is $30/person.