Writing Across the Curriculum

About WAC at Red Rocks

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a faculty-driven Red Rocks initiative that supports faculty in the teaching of writing across their disciplines and subjects. Writing is a High-Impact Practice with the power to improve critical thinking, learning, and communication skills.

WAC Services

Writing Across the Curriculum offers individual faculty consultations, department presentations, and workshops. We can help develop and give feedback on writing assignments, offer support and resources for the teaching of writing, and address specific teaching goals or concerns. To get in contact with us, email either Kevin Kelley (Kevin.Kelley@rrcc.edu) or Rebecca Smith (Rebecca.Smith@rrcc.edu).

Workshops 2021

Email Kevin.Kelley@rrcc.edu or RebeccaSmith@rrcc.edu for the Zoom link!


Engaging with Content*

Description: This workshop provides an opportunity to try, as learners in various fields, writing-based activities that encourage meaningful interaction with content and promote class discussion. Participants will have time to reflect on these practices as teachers across courses and modalities, and will receive templates that could be readily applied in their classes. *‘Content’ refers to any material we ask student to work with: textbook chapters, journal articles, graphs, maps, diagrams, images, lyrics, musical scores, tablature, poems, songs, essays, arguments, paintings, critiques, lab results, medical diagnosis, blogs, and more.

Date/Time: Friday February 19, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Presenter: Alyson Huff, the WAC Program Director at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins. In addition to a decade of experience in that role, she is also a Founding Member of the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum, a Writing Center consultant, an IWAC 2020 Advisory Board member, and a Philosophy teacher! This interdisciplinary perspective fuels her passion for writing-centric teaching and research-based pedagogical improvements across disciplines and programs.


Students Reading Students: Peer-Review

Description: Get tips for planning, guiding, and engaging students in peer-review. This workshop will cover different models for conducting peer-review online and in the classroom.

Date/Time: Friday March 12, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Presenters: Kevin Kelley and Rebecca Smith, RRCC English Faculty and WAC Directors


Responding to Grammar Errors

Description: How should you respond to grammar and sentence-level errors in student writing? How can you help students be better editors of their writing? This workshop will go over common grammar errors, why it’s helpful to respond to patterns of error, and how students can learn to be effective editors of their own writing.

Date/Time: Friday April 9, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Presenters: Rebecca Smith and Kevin Kelley, RRCC English Faculty and WAC Directors


WAC Resources

WAC Goals

1. Sustain the writing of students across their academic careers.

2. Increase student engagement with learning.

3. Increase student writing proficiency.

4. Create a campus culture that supports writing.

5. Create a community of faculty around teaching and student writing.

Why Teach Writing?

  • Writing is a HIP (High Impact Practice).
  • Writing skills lead to success in the classroom.
  • Writing plays a key role in many disciplines.
  • Writing skills are valued and desired by employers.
  • ›Teaching writing directly supports the following RRCC Learning Competencies

    -An RRCC graduate is an Effective Communicator-An RRCC graduate is a Critical Thinker (including information literacy).

What Can Faculty Learn from WAC?

  • ›How to teach the genres of writing in their own disciplines and to meet their own goals.
  • ›How to develop effective and inclusive assignment instructions, rubrics, and other curriculum materials.
  • ›How to use and teach the writing process to scaffold the teaching of writing.
  • ›How to efficiently assess and evaluate writing.