Writing Across the Curriculum

About WAC at Red Rocks

Writing Across the Curriculum is a faculty-driven Red Rocks initiative that engages faculty in the teaching of writing across their disciplines and subjects. Writing is a High-Impact Practice with the power to improve critical thinking, learning, and communication skills. If you would like to become involved with WAC, join an upcoming workshop or meet with WAC leaders Kevin Kelley (Kevin.Kelley@rrcc.edu) or Rebecca Smith (Rebecca.Smith@rrcc.edu).

WAC Goals

1. Sustain the writing of students across their academic careers.

2. Increase student engagement with learning.

3. Increase student writing proficiency.

4. Create a campus culture that supports writing.

5. Create a community of faculty around teaching and student writing.

Why Teach Writing?

  • Writing is a HIP (High Impact Practice).
  • Writing skills lead to success in the classroom.
  • Writing plays a key role in many disciplines.
  • Writing skills are valued and desired by employers.

What Can Faculty Learn from a WAC program?

  • ›How to teach the genres of writing in their own disciplines and to meet their own goals.
  • ›How to develop effective and inclusive assignment instructions, rubrics, and other curriculum materials.
  • ›How to use and teach the writing process to scaffold the teaching of writing.
  • ›How to efficiently assess and evaluate writing.

WAC at Red Rocks can...

  • Offer professional development opportunities for faculty.
  • Support Retention and Inclusion efforts by developing a supportive culture of writing.
  • Address potential issues from the state-mandated caps on “remedial” writing courses.
  • Assess the culture of writing at RRCC.
  • ›WAC directly supports the following RRCC Learning Competencies

    -An RRCC graduate is an Effective Communicator

    -An RRCC graduate is a Critical Thinker (including information literacy).