Chemistry Program

Chemistry is the science of the elements. This science deals with the properties and chemical reactions of the elements and their compounds. Chemistry also includes the study of how these elements and compounds can be formed. Inorganic chemists study of the structure, properties, and reactions of the chemical elements and their compounds. Inorganic chemistry does not include the investigation of hydrocarbons-compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen that are the parent material of all other organic compounds. The study of organic compounds is called organic chemistry. Physical chemists develop and use instruments to probe the physical properties (such as density, viscosity, and crystallography) of compounds as well as the behavior of chemical systems. Analytical chemists work to determine the unknown chemical constituents of substances and the relative amounts of these constituents. The Associate of Science in Chemistry provides the first two years of course work towards a Bachelor of Science degree.

Chemistry is a program within the Science department, which is located at the Lakewood campus, 2nd floor.

Contact Info

To contact the Chemistry Dept: email Gayle Crane ( or call 303.914.6322.

Academic Excellence /Program Highlights

Successful Transfer Program to Colorado School of Mines

Personalized labs, detailed assessments of lab reports from experts in the field, high acceptance rates to Nursing, Medical, Pharmacy, and Engineering programs, in addition to a successful transfer program to the Colorado School of Mines, constitute an excellent Chemistry program at Red Rocks Community College. 

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