Become a Master of Fine Woodworking

Our fine woodworking department comprises numerous areas of study and concentrations—in other words, you can learn more than just making furniture. Whether you want to become a master lutherie (more on that below!) or become a professional cabinetmaker, our intensive courses prepare you for a fulfilling career as a woodworker.

We approach woodworking with old-world and modern techniques, providing the most comprehensive woodworking education available in Colorado. With our Associate of Applied Sciences in Fine Woodworking, you learn to design and build beautiful furniture with our compressive woodworking degree. Learn more about our fine woodworking degree >>

We also offer a variety of woodworking certificates, which are broken down into three areas of study:


Expertly design and construct furniture with our variety of furniture-making certificates.

  • Woodworking Fundamentals: Learn the basics of woodworking. Learn more >>
  • Cabinetmaker: Prove your skills as a professional cabinetmaker. Learn more >>
  • Joiner: Show off your knowledge to advance your woodworking career. Learn more >>
  • Contemporary Furniture Fundamentals: Develop a portfolio to demonstrate your talent in contemporary furniture making. Learn more >>
  • Contemporary Furniture Craftsman: Go above and beyond to become a master. Learn more >>
  • Fine Furniture Fundamentals: Establish a career in fine furniture making. Learn more >>
  • Fine Furniture Craftsman: Prove your talent for design and construction. Learn more >>


Lutherie, pronounced LOO-ter-ee, is the craft of making or repairing string instruments such as the guitar. With our certificates in this often overlooked field, you can become a master luthier.

  • Luthier Technician: For those already in the field, this teaches luthiers, entrepreneurs, and music store owners the art of repairing and setting up string instruments.Requires 6 credits. Learn more >>
  • Luthier Fundamentals: Validate your experience in the lutherie field. Requires 37 credits. Learn more >>


Woodworking is an art. Learn how to express your own idea of beauty with one of our craftsman certificates.

  • Artisan: Learn the art of design, woodcarving, wood finishing, and more. Learn more >>
  • Craftsman: Show evidence of your knowledge of basic woodworking skills. Learn more >>
  • Post-Degree Advanced Craftsman: Expand your skills as a master craftsman. Learn more >>
  • Woodturner: Master the basics of woodturning to begin your craftwork career. Learn more >>
  • Advanced Woodturner: Become more proficient in the art of woodturning. Learn more >>

What Can I Do With a Woodworking Certificate?

Earning a certificate in fine woodworking has many advantages. A certificate in a particular area of woodworking can help secure a job at an established furniture maker or other woodworking company—even an instrument repair shop—or help you jumpstart your own. Even if you are just a hobbyist, completing a certificate in fine woodworking at Red Rocks Community College allows you to hone your skills under the instruction of experts in the field.

Why Choose Woodworking at RRCC

Our class sizes are small—the average class size is 12 students, meaning that you get individual attention. And all classes that contain 10 or more students will have a teaching assistant alongside the instructor, so no student gets left behind.

Have questions? Contact Jeremy Cox, co-head of the Fine Woodworking department, at 303.914.6514 or email him at