Geography at Red Rocks Community College

What is geography? It’s everything! Geography comes from Greek: geo for “Earth,” and the verb graphein “to write.” Geographers not only write about the Earth, its inhabitants, its physical phenomena, and the relationships between them, but they also study how human activity impacts the Earth and its environments. Geography answers some of the most basic, yet vitally important questions we ask: What is where? Why is it there? Why should we care? Geographers are people who are fundamentally and irrepressibly curious about the world around them. We want to know what lies beyond the distant horizon, who lives there, and what we share in common with people who seem so different from us. Geography is about exploring connections, understanding differences, and embracing the incredible diversity of human life on this strange and beautiful world we all share together. An Associate’s of Arts Degree in Geography will be available at Red Rocks in 2015.

Careers in Geography:

Geography is one of the fastest growing career fields with the highest rate of post-graduation employment. Geographical knowledge, multicultural understanding, and the ability to use geospatial technologies are attributes highly sought-after by today’s employers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013 the average salary for a geographer was more than $75,000, and jobs in geography are expected to grow by nearly 30% between 2012 and 2022. Geography can satisfy your passion for learning and exploration, and can also be the platform for a lucrative career in any industry. Just ask the President of the United States of America:

“The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together.” - Barack Obama

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