Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration (HVAC) at Red Rocks Community College

The HVA Department is pleased to announce that this Fall we are offering the first two Spanish language classes that we have ever offered.

Currently, we are able to offer HVA 102 Basic Refrigeration and HVA 105 Electricity for HVAC/R. Both classes are in the evenings to accommodate work schedules and both will be taught by a native Spanish speaker. These two classes constitute the bulk of material needed to earn a Level 1 Refrigeration certificate, which is the basic certificate needed to get started in this field. There are three other classes that students will need to complete. We do not offer them in Spanish but we can make accommodations at this time. They all have Spanish language materials that can be given to the students.

For more information, click here  PDF or call:
English 303.914.6306
Spanish 303.901.1385

Courses in this program provide the knowledge and skills for job entry into the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry in the areas of installation and maintenance. Our program also provides upgrading and refresher courses for those already employed in the field, and can lead to numerous degrees and certificates.

We offer various A.A. S. degrees (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration, Building Automation, Hydronic Heating) and certificates (in various levels of Refrigeration, HVAC Controls Technician, Building Automation, Air Conditioning, Forced-Air Heating, Hydronic Heating), as well as having an Air Conditioning, Heating/Refrigeration Apprenticeship Program.

All programs are designed to stay current with industry standards making your skills valuable in the workforce upon completion of your coursework.