Music Program at Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) has a vibrant music program. Courses are taught by a faculty of active performing musicians, talented and highly educated. Whether you wish to pursue an Associate of Arts degree or study music for the sheer joy of it, RRCC has just the course!

Our Music program offers day, evening, weekend, and online courses leading to an Associate of Arts degree, completing the first two years of coursework toward a Bachelor of Arts degree. Our course offerings are geared toward not only degree-seeking students, but also those who simply wish to develop an appreciation and deeper understanding of music.

Careers/Options in Music

  • Musician
  • Educator
  • Choir director
  • Music supervisor
  • Private instructor

Course Offerings

Music Appreciation, Music History, World Music, and History of Jazz courses fulfill core Arts and Humanities requirements. We also offer basic theory courses for those who have little or no music background; and at the same time, we offer Theory, Electronic Music, and Songwriting courses for more advanced study. We also teach one-on-one lessons in voice, guitar, piano, and most orchestral instruments. If you are planning the first two years of your college experience at Red Rocks, you will be pleased to know our core courses transfer to other Colorado state colleges and universities.

Private Instruction

Individual lessons are offered for all levels, beginner to advanced. Private Instruction students have shown considerable progress in one term and from one term to the next. Motivated students have begun and mastered instruments with two years of lessons at RRCC. Lessons are available on many instruments, with no audition required.

Performance Seminar

Included with all Private Instruction, this gives you an opportunity to:
Gain confidence through “stage time” performing for others
Hear helpful critiques from faculty
Observe others’ performances for what you might wish to add to your own performance
Improve music-reading skills

Faculty, Facilities, and Support

  • All faculty are active musicians and experienced, knowledgeable instructors
  • Talented faculty approach Music Appreciation from different backgrounds (singer, pianist, percussionist, composer, choral conductor)
  • A tutor musician can help students with music material as well as writing papers
  • Two concert grand pianos and four acoustic uprights are available for student use
  • Digital pianos are available in the RRCC library
  • We use computerized listening guides and have gathered Web materials for assisting students in studying Music Appreciation and Music History