Philosophy at Red Rocks Community College

"Philosophy is the systematic, critical examination of the way in which we judge, evaluate and act, with the aim of making ourselves wiser, more self-reflective and therefore better men and women."
-Robert Paul Wolff

Philosophy is also the study of basic concepts with which we construct meaning in life. It examines reasoning processes, ways of knowing, concepts of right and wrong, interpretations of reality and views of the self.

Socrates pursuit of philosophy led him to the conclusion that principle was a cause for which he could freely accept a death sentence from the state. Some of his interlocutors disagreed. They thought the only goals worth pursuing were power or pleasure. There was no moral principle for which they were to die. What do you think?

For more information about the Philosophy program, contact: Jonas Mabey, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department Lead 303.914.6368

Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy

If you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a major in Philosophy, you must complete the following courses. Consult with a faculty or academic advisor before beginning this program of study. These courses provide the basic preparation leading to Philosophy BA's, but you should tailor your specific courses to the requirements at the institution you plan to transfer to.

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  • Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy (Designated Degree)

Associate of Arts: Philosophy Designated Degree

In collaboration with Colorado 4-year schools, Colorado has developed a statewide guaranteed transfer program called "gtPathways" to create seamless transfer. Click here for a list of courses that are guaranteed transfer to any Colorado public college or university.

Career Paths / Options in Philosophy

administration/management - in such diverse areas as personnel; financial
aid; or public relations. Employment settings might include college or
university; prisons; hospitals; government agencies (county, state or
federal); private companies

business - management, sales, consulting public relations, fund raising,
systems analysis, advertising, banking

government - congressional staff member, federal agencies and bureaus,
state and local governments, United Nations, foreign service, cultural

journalism - reporter, critic (books, dance, film)

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Guaranteed Transfer

Red Rocks Community College is proud to have transfer agreements with some of the best colleges and universities in the state of Colorado. Your AA or AS Degree can transfer to most Colorado public 4-year colleges and universities if you complete your AA or AS degree with a C or better - and finish the remaining 60 credit hours in a school or arts and sciences at the four-year public institution of your choice. Take a look at our transfer guide.

Tuition Savings

Starting at RRCC makes cents! At about half the cost of a four year university  you will complete all of your general education requirements for the bachelor’s and can take electives geared toward a specific major. By the time you finish your four-year degree you will save a significant amount of money versus attending the first at RRCC and transferring. See current tuition rates and savings here.

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At RRCC, we have qualified and accessible faculty with real-world experience, whose primary responsibility is teaching. Our faculty care about our students' success, and with an average class sizes of less than 20 students, you will never be lost in a crowd at RRCC!

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We offer many scheduling options to fit your busy life so you can complete courses on a more flexible time frame.

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