Welcome to the Physics program of Red Rocks Community College. Physics is concerned with the nature of energy and matter, space and time. The laws of physics govern everything in the universe from the tiniest bit of matter to the largest star. Physics is a prerequisite to any in-depth study of the sciences and technologies and can lead to careers in engineering, astronomy, astronautics, medical research, geophysics, meteorology, and biophysics. This program provides the necessary background for transfer to a four-year school.

Our program offers courses leading to an Associate of Science in Physics and provides the first two years of course work towards a Bachelor of Science degree. We invite you to explore all of the options these programs have to offer by clicking on the links on the left.

Physics is a program within the Science department, which is located at the Lakewood campus, 2nd floor, Room 2550.

MMW 2014: Mini Medieval Weapons Competition:: POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER

Registration is now closed. Competition is postponed until date can be determined for rescheduling.

Mini Medieval Weapons Contest at RRCC

Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. Individuals or teams may compete.
  2. Individuals/Teams must be Red Rocks Community College students.
  3. Teams must appoint a team leader/contact person.
  4. In order to compete, Individuals/Teams must register by the deadline, Nov. 4th.
  5. Safety is of utmost concern. Remember there is an element of danger with creating and operating a siege weapon.
  6. No part of the catapult/trebuchet can extend over 5 feet high.
  7. The siege weapon must be constructed primarily of wood. Other materials are allowed, but should be limited to supporting roles such as use as fasteners. The purpose of this is to prevent the need to teams to have welding, metal cutting, or other expensive and hard to find tools to be competitive.
  8. The total cost of the siege weapon must not exceed $100. This includes all labor and materials. Exceptions to this rule are the counterweight and any decorations/paint which do not affect the function of the weapon.

Teams may compete in one or more of the weapons categories:

  1. Trebuchet (Launching golf balls or baseballs)
  • The projectile must be launched from one end of the trebuchet arm, powered only by the gravitational potential energy of the counterweight. The launching end may launch the projectile directly, or through the use of a sling. No electrical, explosive, or other energy sources may be used. In other words, you should build a siege weapon, not a cannon that you call a trebuchet.
  1. Catapult (Launching golf balls or baseballs)
  • No explosions or air pressure may be used to assist the performance of your device. In other words, the energy used to power your catapult must be provided by the device itself.
  • Surgical tubing, bungee cords, bicycle tubing, or rubber/plastic tubing cannot be used.
  1. Ballista (launching tennis balls)
  • Surgical tubing, bungee cords, bicycle tubing, or rubber/plastic tubing cannot be used. Specifically, you cannot use this type of material (not available during medieval times) to stretch and then pull the arm of your device forward (like a sling shot).

Teams may compete in one or more of the accuracy categories:

  1. Historical accuracy
    1. Teams will be judged on how close their design, materials and construction methods adhere to the medieval time period. Teams may also have historical costumes. Teams will be interviewed by the judges.
  2. Range accuracy
    1. Tabletop device – accuracy 1 meter, launch a marble
    2. Short range – 10 meters, launch a golf ball or baseball
    3. Mid-range – 25 meters, launch a golf ball or baseball

For questions, please email