Fire Science Technology Program

Fire Academy

The Fire Academy provides an intensive instructional program that satisfies the certification requirement to take the State CDFP&C Firefighter exam.  The Academy’s rigorous instruction includes lectures at RRCC by seasoned firefighters, and hands-on practicals at West Metro Fire Rescue’s state of the art live burn facilities.  The Academy student will experience operations such as house burns, car fires, forcible entry, wildland fires, and many others.  If you are looking for a career in firefighting, or if you simply want to serve as a volunteer firefighter, this is an excellent place to begin.
Fire Academy

Transfer to Regis for a Bachelor's Degree

Interested in transferring to Regis University's Bachelor of Applied Science program? Transfer 90 credit hours to Regis University. Choose from one of nine Bachelor's of Applied Science specialization areas (Management, Social Violence, Practical Psychology, Community Interpreting, Homeland Security and Disaster Response, Business of Government, Social Justice, Decision Making or Educational Interpreting) and take 30 credit hours in that area from Regis University to earn your bachelor's degree! You may also choose from other Regis University Programs such as Public Administration, Criminology and Organizational Development. Click here for more information.

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  • Fire Fighter I Certificate
  • Fire Instructor Certificate
  • Fire Officer I Certificate
  • Fire Officer II Certificate
  • Fire Officer III Certificate
  • Fire Inspector Certificate

Career Path/Options in Fire Science Technology

  • Firefighter I
  • Fire Science Management
  • Fire Officer I
  • Fire Investigator
  • Fire Instructor
  • Fire Officer II
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist
  • Driver Operator
  • Fire Officer III
  • Fire Inspector