Red Rocks Community College School-Age Childcare

Benefits of School Age Child Care

Attending the SACC program allows children to participate in various activities such as: music, choir, student counsel, martial arts or other activities that may be offered at school. As a result of this setting, day-to-day contact between our staff and your child is unique.

From year to year we can follow each child’s progress, work closely with you and when needed work directly with classroom teachers. Staff form relationships with children, school staff and families that develop memories that last a lifetime. Children can grow in this warm and caring environment.

Attention Parents -- Online Payments Now Available!

Higher One CASHNetPayments can now be made online through Higher One's CASHNet system. If your child attends at one of our site locations and you wish to make your payment online, please click here.


About Red Rocks Community College SACC

The primary goal of Red Rocks Community College School-Age Child Care (RRCC SACC) is to provide a safe, happy, caring and structured environment where children ages 5 through 12 have an opportunity to learn lifelong skills in recreation and social behavior.

Children choose activities based on their interest and skill level. Each program offers a variety of age appropriate activities including art, craft, drama, science, indoor/outdoor games, homework opportunities and quiet time. These activities occur individually and in small or large group settings.

Families are always welcome to come and observe or participate in the programs at anytime. For more information and site locations, please check out our Site Locations page.