Medical Imaging Education

Medical Imaging is a dynamic, fast growing, and highly technical field in healthcare. The Medical Imaging Education department at Red Rocks Community College provides learning opportunities in the specialized fields of Radiologic Technology and Sonography.

The Medical Imaging Education department at Red Rocks Community College provides the opportunity for students to learn the didactic portion of the programs from highly qualified instructors. The didactic courses are supplemented with hands-on lab instruction and supervised practice in our lab facilities at the Arvada campus.

In addition to the didactic education students receive, there is a hands-on clinical component with each program that affords students the opportunity to work in some of the best clinical environments in the area, under the supervision of qualified staff, while utilizing their learned skills on actual patients.

The skills learned in the Medical Imaging Education department prepare our students for entry-level positions in the field and to take the certifying exams required to practice. Students have the opportunity to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree with the Radiologic Technology Program and the Sonography program, as well as a specialty certificates with the Sonography program. Please see the web pages under each specific program for education and admission requirements.

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Radiologic Technology Program  Sonography Program

Medical Imaging Information Sessions

Individuals interested in any of the Medical Imaging programs should consider attending one of the Medical Imaging Information Sessions.


Applicants Please Note
It is necessary for applicants to first apply to Red Rocks Community College using the online application. RRCC must also have official copies of your transcripts.

Check this website frequently for updates. Admission to any of the Medical Imaging Programs is highly competitive. Please review the application process links on the left for each program to determine your eligibility, as well as the dates for applying.

New Courses at RRCC

The Medical Imaging Education Department at RRCC is now offering courses for ARRT certified radiographers in the advanced fields of radiology.

The Computed Tomography and MRI courses are on hold until further notice.

Courses include:
RTE 240 - Principles of Computer Tomography
RTE 260 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

***You must complete a background check as part of this program. 

Arvada's Campus, Medical Imaging featured on the Today in America with Terry Bradshaw!

Please note that the application month has been moved from May to March beginning in 2015 for all primary medical imaging programs.