Student Clubs & Organizations

Meeting a group of peers is vital when in college. RRCC has many clubs and organizations from which to choose. We also have a very strong PTK (Honors Society), Student Government and International program. Student clubs & organizations pursue special goals that support a variety of common interests and ideas among students.
All meetings are at the Lakewood Campus unless otherwise indicated.

Red Rocks Community Club Handbook and Attachments

Club Handbook
Club Recognition Form
Club Funding Request
Club Meeting Minutes Form

Academic Societies:

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)
Phi Theta Kappa website
President: Christa Roberts,
Advisor: Carolyn Mattern:

Student Government:

RRCC Student Government
Advisor: Mark Squire
Phone: 303.914.6248

The National Society of Leadership and Success:

The National Society of Leadership and Success achieves profound results in helping students discover and attain their goals, offering life changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where students help one another succeed. All students are welcome to join.

For more information:
President: Natasha Albrecht,
Advisor: Sara Oviatt,
Phone: 303.914.6547


Cru Club
President: Michaela Pott
Advisor: Sarah Burger

Dance Club
President: Gabby Hall
Advisor: Danielle Heller

Debate Club
President: Azalea Hagerty
Advisor: Tracey Mahoney

Dungeons and Dragons Club
President: Vincent Castilow
Advisor: Lynnette Hoerner

Energy Career Opportunities
President: Jorge Orozco
Advisor: Troy Wanek

Engineering Club
President: Michael Noeth
Advisor: Liz Cox

Filmmaking Club
President: Kevin Broggie
Advisor: David-Matthew Barnes

French Club
President: Hannah Fritz
Advisor: Rebecca Smith

The Garden Club That Rocks
President: Mary Ellen Silva
Advisor: Joyce Buckland

Geology Club
President: Sean Ross
Advisor: Eleanor Camann

International Club
President: Patricia Bisalu
Advisor: Dylan Stone


Medical Careers Club
President: Samantha Stein
Advisor: Dr. Tana Smith

NASA Space Grant Consortium
President: Richard Archer
Advisor: Barbra Maher, Lynnette Hoerner

Native American / Metaphysical Club
President: Ken Sierra
Advisor: Michael Blevins

Simply Organic Garden Club
President: Deb Kuhl
Advisor: Dr. Loretta Ivory

Outdoor Club
President: Ash Raath
Advisor: Sally Palmer

Political Science Club
President: Danielle Smith
Advisor: Soomin Chun-Hess

Psych Club
President: Marcayla Kitch
Advisor: Kyle Kelly

Rainbow Alliance
President: Steph Cahill
Advisor: Jen Macken

Red Rocks Outreach to the Community Klub (ROCK)
President: Josh Drummond
Advisor: Cathy Lachman

Soccer Club
President: Yuzuki Needham
Advisor: Dylan Stone

Student Activists for Gender Equality (SAGE)
President: Tyler Kollin
Advisor: Fawn Oates

Table Top Gaming Club
President: Robin Billings
Advisor: Bill Cherrington

Ultimate Frisbee Club
President: Matthew Sanchez
Advisor: Brittany Rodgers

Urban Farming and Gardening
President: Anthony Murray
Advisor: Julie Klauss

Veteran’s Club
President: Dave Mason
Advisors: Merri Mattison, Paul Gallagher


Student Organizations:

RRCC Student Government
Red Rocks Student Government (RRSG)
Advisor: Mark Squire: 303.914.6248

Academic Societies
Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)
President: President: Christa Roberts,

Advisor: Carolyn Mattern:

For general club information or to start a new club, contact: Sara Oviatt, Program Coordinator at or 303.914.6547.