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Online: You don't need to come to campus

Online courses provide Red Rock’s students with the opportunity to take classes from home. Students log in to a dedicated server and ask questions of their teachers, share information with fellow students, and complete reading assignments, homework, and tests.


Self-Paced/Flex: Design your own schedule

Working with an instructor, you’ll design your own schedule. Self-paced courses provide a great amount of flexibility and the opportunity to study when you have the most time to study.


Hybrid: Part online, part in the classroom

Often called the “best of both worlds,” hybrid/flex courses are a mix of methodologies. Often students spend part of their time in the classroom and part of their time online. In other courses, time may be spent in a lab and working from home.


Accelerated: Compress your class time

When your schedule doesn’t permit a 15-week class, try one of our accelerated classes. From 10 weeks, to 1 weekend, you’ll find a variety of classes to meet your scheduling needs. Be sure to check-out Weekend College classes for other accelerated options.


Weekend College: Weekends only

Need to go to school only on weekends? Check out our course listing of the variety classes available beginning Fridays at 5:00 pm through Sunday. Most weekend classes are also accelerated.


Learning Communities: Link two related courses into one

Learning Communities are two courses blended into one longer one. It is a convenient and interesting approach where objectives from two areas are blended to compliment one another. Learning Communities are not always offered each semester.


CCCOnline: Can't find a RRCC class that fits your needs, try CCCOnline

Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline) provides community colleges throughout the state the ability to offer a wide range of online classes to their students. If you don’t find what you need on campus, check out www.ccconline.org.

Traditional: Participate with others traditionally in a classroom

Traditional classes give the student a chance to participate in lectures and discussions. It provides the student an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students and instructors. Want a list of our latest courses? Check our schedule.

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Course Title CRN Instructors Start End
Accelerated Courses          
MOT 120040 Medical Office Financial Management 21998 Tillapaugh P 10/15/14 12/3/14
Hybrid Courses          
MOT 120040 Medical Office Financial Management 21998 Tillapaugh P 10/15/14 12/3/14
HPR 115640 Gerontology for Care Providers 23008 FACULTY 10/18/14 11/8/14
SBM 112040 Financing a Small Business 22227 Cassaday J 11/4/14 11/13/14
NUA 105240 Home Health Aide Theory 23011 FACULTY 11/10/14 12/8/14
HHP 213640 Spiritual Care 23007 Wilder E 11/11/14 12/9/14
HPR 156240 Introduction to Hospice Nursing 23009 FACULTY 11/11/14 12/9/14
SBM 113040 Writing a Business Plan 22228 Emmer R 11/18/14 12/4/14
Online Courses          
Self-Paced/Flex Courses          
BTE 108401 Ten-Key by Touch 20698 Burrus P    
ECE 111401 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22391 Peterson S    
ECE 111402 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22804 Peterson S    
ECE 288411 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 21847 Kneppe J    
ECE 288412 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 22396 Kneppe J    
ENG 122401 English Composition  22723 FACULTY    
ENY 231411 Solar Contracting 22789 FACULTY    
FIW 203411 Furniture III-Chair Making 22772 FACULTY    
FST 209401 Fire Protection Systems 22767 FACULTY    
HPR 215411 Phlebotomy Refresher 20979 Stoffel R    
PED 110401 Fitness Center Activity I 22094 Roppolo A    
PED 111401 Fitness Center Activity II 22095 Roppolo A    
PHI 111411 Introduction to Philosophy 22288 Edwards K    
PHI 111412 Introduction to Philosophy 22508 Edwards K    
PHI 112411 Ethics 22289 Mabey J    
PHI 112412 Ethics 22509 Mabey J    
PHI 114411 Comparative Religions 22290 Edwards K    
PHI 114412 Comparative Religions 22510 Edwards K    
PHO 161411 Digital Capture Processing I 22788 FACULTY    
Lakewood Weekend College          
FIW 277602 Wooden Handplane Making 23266 Gillespie S 10/17/14 10/25/14
PSY 101601 General Psychology I 21537 Garland C 10/17/14 11/1/14
PSY 276601  Assertiveness Training 21777 Courson R 10/17/14 10/18/14
SBM 110601  Managing a Small Business 20895 Warren T 10/17/14 10/18/14
CAR 125601 Roofing Materials and Methods 21784 Nelson D 10/18/14 10/19/14
COM 263601 Conflict Resolution 21517 Merritts E 10/18/14 10/25/14
HWE 100601 Human Nutrition 20868 DeBell L 10/18/14 11/1/14
MAN 117601 Time Management 20869 Levine K 10/24/14 10/25/14
EIC 124602 Electrical Safety Requirements 21812 Thatcher R 10/25/14 11/1/14
COM 126601 Communication in Healthcare 23386 Rutt D 10/25/14 11/9/14
HVA 113602 Refrigerant Recovery Training 20899 Oldani H 10/25/14 11/1/14
MUS 120602  Music Appreciation: 22088 Studinger B 10/31/14 11/15/14
COM 125602 Interpersonal Communication 21729 Dewald S 11/1/14 11/16/14
PLU 108601  Soldering and Brazing Skill 22516 Cerovski M 11/1/14 11/1/14
ENY 132601 NABCEP Entry Level Prep Class 22152 FACULTY 11/7/14 12/5/14
GEO 105601  World Regional Geography 21261 Rahtz D 11/7/14 11/22/14
HIS 247601   20th Century World History 21260 Donalson 11/7/14 11/22/14
PSY 249601  Abnormal Psycholo 22118 Kelly K 11/7/14 11/22/14
SBM 112601  Financing a Small Business 20896 Campbell J 11/7/14 11/8/14
SOC 220601 Sociology of Religion: 22248 Stableiln S 11/7/14 11/22/14
GEY 125601 Plate Tectonics 22570 Peavey N 11/8/14 11/9/14
FIW 126601 French Polish 22321 Nelson R 11/9/14 11/15/14
FIW 276602 Metal Spinning 23105 Wilson V 11/14/14 11/23/14
HPR 102603 CPR for Professionals 21541 Clark K 11/15/14 11/15/14
COM 265601 Effective Presentations 23129 Lindstrom G 11/22/14 12/6/14
SBM 113601 Writing a Business Plan 20897 Laverty D 12/5/14 12/6/14
  First Aid and Adult CPR 22185 Moriarty C 10/11/18 10/11/18
Arvada Weekend College          
SOC 101621 Introduction to Sociology I 20903 Yabar M 10/17/14 11/1/14
HHP 169621 Introduction to Healing Hands and Feet 20905 Thompson H 10/18/14 10/25/14
HPR 115640 Gerontology for Care Providers 23008 FACULTY 10/18/14 11/8/14
HHP 269621  Healing Presence 20891 Anselme L 11/1/14 11/8/14
PHI 123621 Native American Religion 20875 Briel J 11/7/14 11/22/14
SOC 102621  Introduction to Sociology II 22503 FACULTY 11/7/14 11/22/14
HHP 213640 Spiritual Care 23007 Wilder E 11/11/14 12/9/14
PSY 275621 PSY of Spiritual Growth 20880 Courson R 11/14/14 11/15/14
HHP 130621 Reiki Level One 20884 Paul S 11/15/14 11/22/14
HHP 110621 Neuro-Linguistic Programming 20881 FACULTY 12/6/14 12/6/14


desir2learn logo

Fall 2014 – Desire2Learn (D2L) Student Orientations

D2L Student Training Overview

The D2L Student Orientation will review accessing Desire2Learn (D2L), finding courses, and using various tools. Attendees will explore discussions, quizzes, the dropbox, email, content, D2L gradebook and best practices to be successful. The orientation is designed for students who are new to D2L at Red Rocks Community College or students who are in need of a refresher.

Registration Needed
For more information or to register for an orientation, students can email rrcc.elearning@rrcc.edu or call 303.914.6702. We ask that students register to ensure we have enough computers available. The sessions are hands on!

Dates and Times Available







12:00  -  1:00 pm




4:00  -  5:00 pm


Need accessibility? Contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at 303.914.6733 or ods@rrcc.edu at least one week prior to the event to request disability accommodations.