College Preparatory Studies Program (College Prep)

The mission of the College Preparatory Studies Program is to enhance your experience at Red Rocks Community College by providing instruction and support in the skills required to achieve success in your academic, professional, and personal lives.

Because we are dedicated to your success, if your Accuplacer assessment score indicates that you require additional preparation for college level work, College Preparatory Studies Program classes are offered in Academic Achievement, English, Mathematics, and Reading. These courses are designed to help you gain the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully complete college-level courses.

It is vital that all College Prep students visit with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. Academic Advisors can help you with schedule building, provide general information on appropriate course work, choosing a major, and even career guidance. Please see the Advising Web page for more information.

Need College Prep classes in two or more different subject areas? Click here.