Economics at Red Rocks Community College


Red Rocks Community College offers an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Economics.

Economics is a study of how our society chooses to allocate its limited resources to best meet our unlimited wants. As a social science, economics attempts to describe behavioral idiosyncrasies of consumers and producers and their responses to changes in incentives. Furthermore, economics attempts to predict future patterns of economic environment on an individual as well as a global scale. An economics degree is ideal for most careers. Economics stresses critical thinking. Economics also stresses computer proficiency and communications skills. There is a plethora of potential jobs available for those with economics degree. Graduates work in government, academia, commercial banks, insurance companies, International lending institutions, unions, consulting firms, and trade associations. Red Rocks offers economic courses in a variety of formats including on-line classes.

Irina Strelnikova,
Assistant Professor, Economics

The Economics department is located at the Lakewood campus. We are always available during regular hours. Call for an appointment.