Fitness Center at Red Rocks Community College

The Fitness Center will be closing its doors on December 14th as part of the project for the new Student Recreation Center. The new center is set to open in Spring 2017. Click HERE to track the recreation center progress.


The RRCC Fitness Center is dedicated to providing students and employees with the tools necessary to reach their fitness related goals. The center hosts a variety of cardio and weight machines including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, and a strength circuit. Use of the center is contingent on bringing a current RRCC ID.

RRCC Fitness is only as strong as we make it. Everyone needs to work together to encourage a friendly, open, and inclusive environment. As such we ask participants to:

  • Be responsible, courteous, and safety conscious.
  • Abstain from using foul language, chalk, and the dropping of weights.
  • Consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program.
  • Report any equipment/facility issues immediately to RRCC Fitness staff.
  • Exercise at their own risk; while exercising is beneficial it may provide exposure to injuries.
  • Be responsible for securing and maintaining medical insurance.
  • Ask the fitness staff for help whenever they are in doubt.

Intramural Sports

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Use of the Fitness Center is free for students enrolled in courses for the current semester. Students enrolled in the following Fall semester are eligible for Summer usage.


An employee of the college can sign up for membership at Human Resources. Forms are available at the fitness center front desk.

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Health and Wellness Magazine:

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Student Health 101 is a FREE online health and wellness magazine that RRCC has purchased for YOU! For new readers of SH 101 we recommend reading the Orientation Issue first.

Issues are updated the 1st of every month and can be accessed here.

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