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What is Mines Academy?

Mines Academy is a partnership program that supports a seamless transfer process from Red Rocks to Colorado School of Mines.

Mines Academy Benefits

By joining Mines Academy, you’ll be joining a community of students at Red Rocks with similar goals. Sometimes transfer process can be challenging to navigate on your own, and joining a supportive group of colleagues and staff from RRCC and Mines with shared interests can be helpful. After joining Mines Academy, you’ll receive communication about information sessions and events to ease the planning process of a future transfer to Mines.

Plus, it can be fun too! You might attend a Colorado School of Mines sporting event with other Mines Academy students for free, join a club or project you’re interested in with a few of your colleagues, or take a tour of Mines’ campus or other facilities. After joining, Mines Academy students will receive communication about chances like these to get more involved.

For more information about Mines Academy, click on the FAQs below:

Do I have to commit to Colorado School of Mines if I join Mines Academy? What if I'm still exploring other program options?

No commitment – please join if you’re interested in Colorado School of Mines as one transfer option! Students can join Mines Academy to receive communication and attend events that may be helpful in getting connected with Mines, but they are still welcome to consider other programs.

When can I join Mines Academy?

Any active RRCC students can join Mines Academy at any time. Just click the “Join Mines Academy” button at the top of this page and submit the form. From there, you’re in! Just continue to monitor your Student Email in The Rock regularly for updates and upcoming events.

The only requirement is that you must be an active RRCC student to join Mines Academy. If you are not yet an active RRCC student, make sure that you apply to Red Rocks first. Our Admissions team can be reached at admissions@rrcc.edu if any assistance with the general RRCC application is needed. Once you’ve applied to Red Rocks, you should receive a Welcome Email within a few days with your student number (S number). At that point, your student account should be active, and you can submit the form above to join Mines Academy.

The form will ask you to sign in using your Student Email address. Not sure what your Student Email address is? You can log into The Rock and click the Student area on the dashboard, then navigate to the personal information area to view/change your email.

The Rock Student Dashboard


I already applied to Colorado School of Mines and was offered conditional acceptance (either a “Pathways decision” when I applied in High School, or a “Mines Track to Transfer” decision as a Transfer applicant). Should I still join Mines Academy?

Please do! Mines Academy can still provide structured support and events for your planned transfer to Mines. Joining Mines Academy also helps staff members at RRCC and Mines stay in touch about your progress as you move ahead.

What program should I declare at Red Rocks?

Students interested in Mines Academy and programs at Colorado School of Mines are generally encouraged to declare the Associate of Engineering Science (AES). There are firm deadlines to update your declared program though, so act fast if you need to change your declared program (deadlines are listed in our Academic Calendar).
If you need to update your declared program(s):
1.    Log into The Rock at the top of our website.

2.    Click the Student tab on the left side:
 The Rock Dashboard Student

3.    Scroll down to the section titled “My Student Stuff.” Select the option titled “Change my Declared Degree Program”:


Can I satisfy program requirements using AP or IB credit?

Yes, but AP and IB scores must meet Colorado School of Mines’ requirements, not just Red Rocks’. Please refer to the tables listed by Colorado School of Mines here to determine potential credit equivalencies:
AP Scores
IB Scores

Can I use CLEP credit?

No. Unfortunately, CLEP credit does not transfer to Colorado School of Mines, as listed in their catalog.

How else can I get involved?

Colorado School of Mines lists some of their admissions considerations here, including an emphasis on getting to know you as a whole person and what extracurricular activities you may be involved in. There are many ways that you can get involved with extracurricular activities at Red Rocks. The list below is by no means comprehensive, but some common recommendations would be:

  • Visit the IDEA Lab on the Lakewood Campus! The IDEA Lab is currently open Monday – Thursday (10am – 4pm) and Friday (10am – 2pm). This is a great place to work on a project, join in on an activity, and hear more about other opportunities.
  • Get involved with the Trefny Honors Program
  • Attend the Innovation Expo / Research, Art, and Design Expo at Red Rocks
  • Attend field trips or events
  • Join a student club. Any and all club involvement is encouraged! For STEM-specific suggestions, our NASA Space Grant and Robotics clubs provide some great opportunities at Red Rocks.