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RRCC Facility Services Building or Grounds Project Request  rev.6-24-19

- All work order requests must be submitted by faculty or staff -

*If you are having trouble accessing the Maintenance/Project Request site, please follow these troubleshooting steps.

Welcome to Facility Services

Do you need something cleaned, fixed, set up or built? We have implemented a new software database (called Maintenance Connection). The goals of this change are better service to the campus and improved workflow in facilities. The new process should:

  • lessen the confusion about who to ask for what
  • collect the information we need to complete your projects correctly
  • schedule more efficiently
  • track progress of the work
  • provide reports to help continuing improvement

The “Maintenance/Projects Request” link above will take you to the RRCC Service Requester form – no need to log in,  just fill in some basic info, hit submit and you’re done! All requests are numbered, dated, assigned to a technician and tracked. You are able to use this same page to check the status of your service or project request at any time.

Here are some examples with instructions on how to request them on the form:

Need a Clean Up?  Click this choice on the “Type” drop-down menu if your office or classroom (or public space near you) needs something like:

  • The floor vacuumed   
  • Whiteboard cleaned               
  • Soap dispenser filled
  • The windows cleaned                        
  • Your recycling picked up
    • Choose a description of common requests under the “Problem” drop-down menu or give us the details in the “Short Description” box.

Want to request a Fix-Up? Click this “Type” if you need help with something along the lines of:

  • A bulletin board or picture hung up              
  • Walls painted
  • Furniture moved (or removed!), assembled or installed
  • Boxes moved to storage                                 
  • Doorstop replaced    
  • Ceiling light fixture bulb replaced (sorry, those desk and floor lamp bulbs are your responsibility to replace!)
  • Spot a leak?
    • Choose a description of common requests under the “Problem” drop-down menu or give us the details in the “Short Description” box.

Need a space Set Up for an event?  If you’re used to using our Room Set-Up Request form, now you can do that here. Check the Room Set Up diagram below, choose your layout, Click “Set Up” under “Type”, choose your layout under the Problem drop-down menu.

Have Key or Lock problems?  You know the drill by now:  be sure to include the name of your approving supervisor in the “Short Description” box, and we’ll take it from there.

Thinking about a Special Project?  Are you thinking big?  Click this “Type” if your department is wondering about the feasibility of something like:

  • Moving walls or doors
  • Installing a new computer lab - or something else that may need electrical power or air conditioning
  • Changing the purpose of a space that will affect the physical environment (like installing a dance floor or a new sink for your lab)
  • Building a new building…………

Put in a “Short Description” and Facility Services will contact you to help define the possibilities, costs, approval requirements, and scheduling of your project.    

NOTE: Please reference the diagrams below for room set-up options.

General Room Set-Up

Community Room and Great Hall

Set-Up Diagram

Set-Up Diagram