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Update as of 10/19/2021

Important Note: The Arvada Fitness Center will be reopening on October 25th, 2021!


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Mission Statement: Our mission is to inspire holistic wellness by engaging the Red Rocks community in developmental and educational recreation. 



Red Rocks Community College is extremely excited to announce a virtual partnership with F45 Training. F45 Training is the HIIT, circuit based training system that is taking over the world. With over 2000 franchises sold worldwide, over 30 college partners, and Mark Whalberg as one of our investors and strategic partners — we are sure you will love the F45 Challenge portal along with millions around the globe.
The portal is 100% for free for all students, faculty and staff that use their OR email address to register, and will give access to on-demand workouts, meal plans, personalized calorie guides, results trackers and more!
Simply go to to register or download the F45 Challenge App from your device.