Firefighter One Academy

Have you always wanted to be a firefighter? The Red Rocks Community College Fire Science program and Firefighter Academy can provide the key to an exciting career in the fire service! The Academy offers students the opportunity to learn from instructors, already on fire departments, as well as, to receive hands-on training in preparation for becoming a  certified firefighter I with the state of Colorado from the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.

Career Advance Colorado

Your Class Could be Free with the Career Advance Colorado Grant! After checking with Advising for concurrent classes for the fire Academy FST 1000 and FST 1007. Haz mat ops

Good news is - you could qualify for free grant funding, depending on your academic goals at RRCC! You are currently registered for a class that counts toward one of the eligible certificates that can be paid for through the Career Advance Colorado program. Click here for a list of eligible certificates. (firefighting one academy 9 credits)
Career Advance Colorado funding can pay your tuition, fees, and other program costs (for example: textbooks, background check, equipment, etc.), for the classes required to earn these eligible certificates.

To qualify, follow these steps:

  • Complete the FAFSA financial aid application (ASSET/DACA recipients, complete the CASFA).  Contact Financial Aid if you would like help with this step.
  • Apply for and authorize the College Opportunity Fund (COF) Stipend (Colorado residents only)
  • Have a complete financial aid file
  • Be classified as a Colorado resident for tuition purposes
  • Declare an eligible certificate (listed here). If you need to update your program of study, you can use this form to declare one of the eligible certificates. If you already have a certificate or degree declared but want to add one of the eligible certificates as a second priority, email from your student email account to request the change.

Please reach out to the Financial Aid office if you have any questions.

Office of Financial Aid
Red Rocks Community College | (303) 914-6256

Career Opportunities

The Red Rocks Firefighter One Academy prepares you for future entrance into the paid fire service, or for a profesional volunteer firefighter position, and for the rigorous testing involved in applying for a paid positions with a fire department.

Salary range. Rookie firefighters earn a salary ranging from $50,000 to $58,000, and within the first four years salary may increase by up to $10,000 a year, depending on the hiring agency. Raises in salary can be automatic thereafter with testing; however, individuals may pace themselves and, with some motivation, and a degree, can potentially move up the salary scale more rapidly.

Promotions. Firefighters applying for promotions must have the specific knowledge required for the desired position and challenge the entrance exams for the position. Some positions with a fire department require the applicant to possess either a two- or four-year degree, depending upon the rank tested for and individual department requirements.

History of the Red Rocks Fire Science Program

Since the early 1970s, Red Rocks Community College has offered the Fire Science and a Fire Academy since 1993. Having received Program of Excellence grant funds in 1995 to expand the program, the Fire Science program now occupies the Southwest Wing on the Red Rocks Lakewood Campus. The program is part of the Emergency and Public Safety Department, encompassing emergency response programs, specifically Emergency Management and Planning, Emergency Medical Services, and Law Enforcement Training.

Firefighter One Academy Information


Please note that two classes actually comprise the RRCC Firefighter One Academy:

  • FST 1000 - Essentials of Firefighting/Firefighter One Academy
  • FST 1007 – Haz Mat Operations (FST 1007 is a required co-requisite for FST 1000.)
  • FST 1070 - Fire Academy Clinical  (Ride along. Not required, but highly suggested to enhance your Fire Academy experience.)

Course Offerings:

Fall semester-16 weeks, one Academy offered: mid-August through mid-December
Spring semester-16 weeks, one Academy offered: mid-January through mid-May;

See current course schedule for days and times.


Each student who successfully completes the two required courses will receive a Firefighter One Academy certificate of completion from RRCC, and should test for the State of Colorado FFI certification, from the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control. 

Firefighter One Academy Registration

For information on registering for the upcoming Fire Academy, view or download the Fire Academy Application Packet.

Before attending a registration session, please review the information packet and have all required documentation needed for registration completed.

You must complete a background check as part of your application to the Fire Academy. You can complete the background check here. If you have any questions regarding the background check, please contact Customer Experience department at 888.723.4263 ext. 7194 or reach them by email at