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RRCC Brand Identity Standards


The primary goal of the Marketing and Communications team is to create innovative and effective strategies to promote Red Rocks Community College. Our team's priority is to cultivate the growth and influence of RRCC. We are responsible for conducting market research, developing assets/campaigns, and preserving the quality and integrity of our brand. We provide marketing services for all RRCC departments/programs/organizations. Our services extend to both the Lakewood and Arvada campuses.

NOTE: We do not currently provide marketing services for individual courses and/or workshops; however, we will provide you with with alternative resources.

General Policies

All marketing and communication materials that contain the college’s name, the college logo, and/or the college mascot are subject to approval by the Marketing and Communications team. All marketing and communication materials not created by the Marketing and Communications department (including all video content) must be submitted to the Marketing and Communications department for approval prior to publication and distribution.

It is vital to the success of a brand to have consistent representation on all print and electronic communications. Materials that are not approved and/or do not meet the college’s Brand Identity Standards will be subject to removal.

Marketing Services Provided

Please see the Services Provided page for a detailed list of all Marketing services we provide.

College Branding Policies

All departments, programs, and areas are permitted to create their own marketing materials. When creating your marketing materials, we highly recommend consulting the RRCC Brand Identity Standards as your primary reference. Please follow these college branding policies:

  • Logo: An approved RRCC logo should appear on your marketing materials.
  • URL: Please include a direct URL that connects with your department's web page.
  • Fonts: An approved font should be used on your marketing materials.
  • Colors: Approved RRCC colors should be used for your marketing materials.
  • Review: Prior to posting or distributing, please submit your marketing materials to the Marketing and Communications team here via the marketing request form.

We recommend visiting our Branding and Resources page. All departments and offices associated with RRCC must follow the college branding policies.

Our Mission

The mission of Marketing and Communications is to build awareness of the student experience and value of an RRCC education to prospective and current students and to build relationships and foster communications internally in support of the same goal. We want to share our enthusiasm for the Red Rocks experience with the community, nation, and world.

Red Rocks Community College is a proud member of National Council for Marketing & Public Relations


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